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All successful CRM programmes are based on good, secure and verified customer data. We transform your data from disparate, incoherent, and generally dirty into quality, enriched and immediately usable customer information. OmniData provides a market leading machine learning engine that expertly finds correlations between customer data so that people, house holds and relationships are simply and easily matched and identified.


Omnidata creates the most complete view of your customer. We profile, verify, standardise, enrich and then consolidate information using machine learning techniques to discover correlations between apparently unrelated data sets.


Through our data partners Omnidata gives you access to a diverse set of sources, such as home affairs and credit bureaus, to enhance and extend your data to provide a deeper understanding of your customers.


Omnidata is a cloud platform that leverages the secure, distributed architecture to give simple data access and management via plug and play data integration services to our clients.


There are many opportunities to reach customers from sms and automated voice recording to email and social media. We offer out-of-the box integration into all of these.


The Omnidata set of dashboards provides visualisations of campaign and customer data to enable real time strategic adjustments for maximum customer engagement.


This is the final outcome of the Omnidata steps to build a single view the truth, meaning the golden record has an audit trail of every data point and moment in the lifecycle of your customer’s journey with your brand.


Below are some of the brands and clients who we’ve been afforded to be involved with.

About Omnisient

Areas where impact of bad data has been quantified

Omnisient was started to help companies to address the problems caused by bad customer data. This Experian research from 2014 clearly shows the massive opportunity cost of not knowing who your customers are or how to reach them. OmniData is an analytical CRM platform designed and developed to offer affordable, effective customer management which is available to all businesses and not just the select few that can afford advanced and expensive software solutions.

Lost Sales Opportunities0%
Wasted Time0%
Relationships With Customers0%
Cultural Impact on Employees0%
Jon Jacobson (

Jon Jacobson (

Chief Executive & Technology Officer

Jon is a software engineer with many years experience in designing and automating software platforms. This experience has afforded him the privilege of working on multiple continents across New York, London, Sao Paulo and Hyderabad. His core area of focus is single customer view systems and using them to enable effective marketing strategies that help businesses to grow. In his previous role as founder and CEO at Global Vision he led the company into 35 global markets on the back of it’s customer marketing platforms. Jon’s role at Omnisient is to ensure that the Omnisient technology  is fit for purpose and meets customer needs. He believes that success is a team sport.

Matt Mckie (

Matt Mckie (

Chief Strategy  & Product Officer

Matt is an experienced strategist and thought leader with cross-industry experience and a strong track record of profit delivery though fact based methods.  Matt has been privileged to either work at or consult to world-class data driven business to accumulate practical experiences of how to create value in business from data.  Matt believes that businesses need to focus on three key areas to win:  (1) Seek to understand the customer, (2) Test, (3) Repeat.  Matt’s priority at Omnisient is to shape the product to support businesses to achieve success by becoming more customer centric through easier access and action of customer centric data and analytics.

Anton Grutzmacher (

Anton Grutzmacher (

Chief Customer Officer

Anton is all about identifying the best way to solve business challenges and to unearth growth opportunities for his clients. Over the last two decades he has worked across various international markets with global brands and start-ups to grow their profits through data driven insights and innovation. While his main focus is creating value for his clients, innovation is in his DNA. Anton is passionate about authentic relationships, because they stand the test of time and make working together a pleasure.