Our platform harnesses the true data of people’s lives to enable the creation of Consumer Data Ecosystems that benefit Businesses, Individuals and Society. 

Omnisient is on a mission to help grow financial inclusion by enabling ethical, secure, and regulatory-compliant data collaboration and monetization between financial services and consumer businesses. 

More than 1.7 billion people globally lack access to formal financial services that can financially protect them and unlock access to housing, education, healthcare, and even capital to start a business. This is because banks and insurers lack behavioural information on these individuals, and therefore cannot confidently offer them access to their services at low risk.  

Our technology is changing this by enabling them to access new sources of consumer information in a secure and privacy-compliant way. 

Omnisient’s privacy-preserving data collaboration platform enables financial services businesses to easily and securely collaborate with the other business their consumers engage with to better understand and predict consumer behaviour – while ensuring that consumer privacy and company IP are always protected.  

Our US-patented Crypto-IDs replace personal information in datasets with a unique series of hashes that allow for anonymised matching of the same consumer profile across other datasets. Only then do companies upload the anonymised data with the Crypto-IDs into our secure, neutral third-party environment. This ensures no one ever takes possession of the data, and no data is ever shared or exchanged. 

Built-in advanced analytics and AI functionality enable partnering businesses to jointly build Consumer Data Ecosystems where they can view overlaps of consumers, draw insights, and build predictive models from their collective data to understand and predict consumer behaviour, while protecting consumer privacy and company IP.  

Established in South Africa in 2019, Omnisient is enabling more than 80 leading banks, insurers, retailers, and health and wellness organisations in Africa and the Middle East, to build Consumer Data Ecosystems that grow their businesses exponentially through new revenue streams and consumer understanding while driving positive change for individuals and society. 

To date, our platform has enabled collaborations between banking and retail that have resulted in 3.2 million individuals becoming eligible for access to formal financial services who would have previously been declined due to lack of credit history. As a result of this breakthrough, Omnisient was invited to join the World Economic Forum in June 2023 as a Tech Pioneer to contribute to the Forum’s work in growing financial inclusion. 

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