Anonymous Campaign Engine


ACE (anonymous campaign engine)


Big data should lead to a competitive advantage...

However, sourcing relevant data, getting it into a consumable format and making it actionable is not just an operational challenge, it is also a privacy challenge.


ACE “Anonymous Campaign Engine” puts the advantage of big data at your finger tips for immediate actionable insights without the privacy concerns.


Customer insights are good.

Context of your customers

within the entire market place

is better.

Gain access to a full marketing landscape...

...while still remaining 100% compliant.

ace anonymous campaign engine

Diverse Data
Improves Marketing Strategy

Know Your Customer Better,

Without Compromising Trust

ace anonymous campaign engine
ace anonymous campaign engine
anonymous campaign engine
ace anonymous campaign engine

Why Market Leaders use ACE

The anonymous campaign engine allows you to reach your new and potential customer without ever compromising or exchanging personal information.

Organisations use and trust Omnisient's ACE platform for the following reasons:


ACE Universe

Access demographic, wealth and life stage data on more than 53 million South Africans. We call it the ACE Universe.


1. Identify and Quantify

Use the demographic, lifestyle and income data available in this ACE Universe data set to:

    • Profile your customers
    • Lookalike prospects - Use the profiles to identify prospects that look just like your most valuable customers
    • Size the market – How many “good customers” are available to you?
    • Benchmark your penetration of specific market segments – What is your share of the “good customer” prospect pool?

2. Campaign Selections

    • Let the demographic, ethnicity, location, wealth and life stage data enable your marketing team to create more targeted upsell and cross sell opportunities.
    • Or, use the audience selection data to target more relevant campaigns to new prospects identified in ACE.

3. Reporting

    • Measure results - Utilise the ACE Master data to continue benchmarking your penetration of valuable market segments.


Get the ACE Advantage
Everything you need to create a powerful campaign