CSI Initiative

Breaking down the Financial Barriers to Academic Success for Exceptional Students

As firm believers in the transformative power of education, we are proud to provide financial support for 17 exceptional students from Cape Town’s Westerford High School, one of South Africa’s leading High Schools.

In our partnership with Westerford High School, we aim to support students during their crucial academic years of Grades 10 to 12. We recognize the importance of these years in shaping their educational journey and are committed to breaking down financial barriers for deserving students.

By offering partial bursaries, we can extend our reach to more students, fostering future leaders and contributing to the success of our local economy. 

This life-changing opportunity is tailored for ambitious young minds who exhibit academic excellence and require financial aid to pursue their educational goals. 

By easing the financial burden, we aim to empower these exceptional students to focus on their studies, explore their passions, and reach their full potential.

Bursary Recipient Spotlight: Joshua Links

Joshua Links profile photo

We spoke with Joshua Links, one of the 17 Westerford High School students to have received a partial bursary from Omnisient. Here’s a summary of what we learned about this dedicated, friendly, and affable grade 10 High School student with a passion for acting and an emerging interest in IT.

Joshua loves acting. A love he first felt in Primary School and one that has been fueled by the adrenaline rush he experiences when performing on stage before a large audience.

Joshua recently felt this adrenaline rush performing one of the lead roles in the recent Westerford High School production of “District Six”, which left a lasting impression on him of the importance of building a sense of community.

Joshua confides that he has learned some valuable life skills from acting and from his Drama teacher, Mrs. Brown, such as how to be more confident in front of large audiences and the importance of using his body and voice effectively. These skills have not only enhanced his acting abilities but also equipped him with tools for effective communication and self-expression in various aspects of life.

While contemplating his future, Joshua hopes to pursue a degree in Drama at the University of Cape Town and pursuing an acting career either in South Africa or abroad. Although acting is his passion, he also acknowledges the increasing importance of technology and is receptive to a pursuing career in IT, because he enjoys the feeling of satisfaction he gets from creating something “cool” from code.

When asked about his time at Westerford High School, Joshua expresses gratitude to be able to attend a school that’s as diverse as Westerford High School and that provides its students with the opportunity to study Drama as a subject. He also appreciates the school’s principal whom he refers to as “lekker”, because he is always inclusive and plays his part in supporting students by attending all school sports matches.

When Joshua is not acting or studying, he enjoys playing soccer and video games, and reading, particularly the Bible.