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Supporting South Africa’s Youth

Our CSI focus is on playing a role in supporting and developing next-generation leaders.

Our intention is to help young talented South Africans realise their dreams, reach their potential and be the best they can be in the field they are passionate about. Be it athletics, academia, business or other.

If your company shares our commitment to supporting South Africa’s next-generation talent, join us on our quest to make a meaningful difference.

Proudly partnering with Back-a-Buddy to develop young talent.

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Candidate 01: Koby Oberholzer – surf legend-in-the-making

Koby – son of South Africa’s surf legend Frankie Oberholzer – has an abundance of raw talent, and is genetically wired to follow in his father’s footsteps … or rather ‘wave-mastery’.

However, the current financial climate in South Africa and the state of the Rand means that athletes like Koby can’t get the financial support needed to take their talent to the next level.

Omnisient has set up a Back-A-Buddy account and committed to monthly contributions to help him achieve the international recognition he deserves.

Keen to ‘pay it forward?

Tracking progress
: 03.09.21 Delighted to report that Koby came third in the World Surf League Namakwa Challenge

Next contest 22.02.22
The World Surfing League contest in Morocco is the next big challenge Koby faces on 22 February 2022, to be followed by Senegal and France. For now, we need to get our forces together to raise R30 000 for flights, accommodation and related expenses.

For experienced surfers, the winter months bring in the big game. This is when the pros ride the waves at Anchor Point, Killer Point, Boilers, Dracula’s, and Desert Point, which are often described as freight trains.

Candidate 02: Tawanda Chakanyuka

Our Co-Founder,  Jon Jacobson,  identified Tawanda’s promise and potential after several interactions with him. He currently waitrons at a Kalk Bay restaurant to survive and support his family, but is very smart and has big dreams which we hope to help him realise. He already has a Drone Pilot’s licence, which he’d like to take further … but is also interested in gaining myriad other skills. So to help him decide on the direction he wants to pursue, Omnisient has gifted him a laptop to do research and online courses in the interim.

Updates will be posted as Tawanda pursues his life journey.

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