Data Monetisation

Most companies with compelling data assets understand that they have the potential to create an untapped revenue stream through data monetisation. However, the challenges they face in moving from the exploration phase to actually producing revenue can be substantial and arduous. Key challenges being Consent, IP Protection and Breach Risk issues.

We have seen this delay businesses for years, even when resources are dedicated to the process. Omnisient takes care of the table stakes with its proprietary privacy-preserving data collaboration platform that protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Intellectual Property, while allowing businesses to explore the value.

We take a clear phased approach:

  1. Eliminate privacy risks
  2. Provide the tools for evaluating and analysing the value of the data
  3. Create an environment for potential buyers to onboard their data to test the value of the seller-data and understand the commercial impact
  4. Enable a production environment that can exchange the data in a manner that eliminates breach risk and protects intellectual property

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