Data Partnership Evaluation

Rapidly evaluate Marketing Partnerships and the impact of Campaigns in a “Privacy by Design” environment

Reduce your time to market for new Data Partnerships by up to 90% 

Remove the complexity and compliance challenges faced when evaluating potential new data partners. Omnisient’s “privacy-by-design” collaboration environment removes the need for long negotiations and building of trust for data partnerships by removing the two major risk factors: Consent and breach risk.

Both parties evaluating a potential data partnership anonymize their customer data on-premise before uploading into a secure and neutral privacy-by-design environment in the Cloud where both parties can match and evaluate their customer data without either taking possession of the other’s data.


Rapid evaluation of data partnerships and tracking of campaign effectiveness

Evaluate and build strong data partnerships in a fraction of the time in a privacy-by-design environment. 

Instant overlap analysis

Instantly see the overlap of mutual customers through matching of anonymized customer records across data sets.

Identify your best targets

Run lookalike modelling to identify your best targets who are most likely to convert.

Measure campaign effectiveness

See changes in overlap following partnership marketing campaigns to determine the impact of your campaigns.

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