What makes you different?

Unlike our competitors, we don’t require any party to handover or upload raw consumer data. Competitors require clients to upload their raw consumer data to their platform before anonymising the data. This means the service provider is taking possession of the raw consumer data and is gaining IP from all clients which it can monetise. It is also exposing clients to the risk of data breach should the service provider ever get hacked. Our desktop anonyimisation and upload app enables clients to anonymise their datasets before uploading onto our platform, which means only behavioural and demographic data are shared, but not personal information.  

Also, we provide AI and Machine Learning tools within our collaboration environment to enable clients to analyse the data and build predictive models and data products within our secure, neutral environment without ever needing to download each other’s data for analysis.  

What problems do you solve?

  • We help businesses comply with global privacy regulations and protect against IP leakage / loss of IP and data breach risks typically associated with data collaboration. These risks, hinder data collaboration and slow down time to value dramatically.  
  • We remove these risks and reduce the time to value from an industry average of 2 – 3 years to an average of 3 months in the following ways: 
  • By providing a secure and neutral collaboration environment where data is never exchanged, we ensure businesses are always in control of their company IP and protected against data breach. 
  • By creating unique anonymized matching keys for each consumer profile, we enable them to rapidly discover their shared consumers. 
  • By providing built-in AI and Machine Learning tools, we enable them to derive valuable insights that would have been impossible to derive alone without ever needing to take possession of another party’s data. 
  • By removing all the risks associated with sharing of sensitive consumer data, businesses are free to rapidly evaluate the value of other businesses’ consumer data before entering into a formal data sharing or marketing partnership. 

This is a breakthrough in predictive modelling and consumer data analysis because it enables businesses to easily and rapidly discover consumer insights in participating businesses’ data in a manner that protects consumer privacy, protects their company IP, and complies with all global privacy regulations. 

Who wants your product or service? 

Any businesses with a large consumer database that would like to create a new source of revenue from their customer data or improve their understanding consumers and improve their ability to predict consumer behavior.  

How big is your initial target market? Your total addressable market? TAM, SAM, SOM?

From an alternative data perspective alone, the market value is expected to reach $8.98B in 2025.  

  • TAM: $ 3.5 billion 
  • SAM: $ 98 million 
  • SOM: $ 4.3 million 

Why will you win amongst your competition? What makes you unique?

Although a combination of competitors can provide the same capabilities as we do, none provide our level of security, ability to match anonymized consumer data across multiple datasets across all industries, as well as our domain knowledge for discovering new use cases for data and creating new data products.  

Contrary to our competitors, our platform is also platform agnostic, meaning that businesses collaborate on their consumer data with other businesses that are managing their consumer data on other platforms.  

Also, competitors require some sort of handing over of data either to them for anonymization or for analysis, which means competitors have access to the clients’ IP (which opens clients up to data breach risk) and is not fully compliant with global privacy regulations. With the growing concern over consumer privacy and the rolling out of more stringent privacy laws globally, including the US, we are best positioned to leverage the increased focus on consumer privacy and data protection as business search for new sources of data to enrich their understanding of their customers. 

How much capital have you raised to date? 

$ 5 million 

Who are your investors?

Buffet Investments, KLT, Shoprite Group (Africa’s largest retailer), Nedbank, One5 and ENL.