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Health & Wellness

Enhance Patient Outcomes and Enrich Risk Assessment for Financial Sectors

Today’s Challenges

Enhancing Patient

Leveraging vast datasets to predict and prevent adverse health events, ensuring longer, healthier lives for patients.

Data Collaboration
with Insurance Sectors

Effectively translating and sharing health & wellness data to enhance insurance risk assessments.


Balancing the rigorous data usage and privacy standards of both the health and insurance sectors is crucial.

Our Solution

Omnisient’s platform stands as a bridge not just within the health & wellness industry, but also between this sector and the world of banking and insurance.

By facilitating a holistic view of a patient’s health through collaboration with partnering businesses, we allow for proactive interventions, reducing future health complications and ensuring a more vibrant life for individuals.

Furthermore, the insights derived are invaluable for financial sectors’ risk assessments and with the assurance of our patented Crypto-IDs, data remains secure, anonymized, and strictly compliant.

The Health & Wellness sector’s data-rich environment is primed to improve patient outcomes, extend longevity, and provide game-changing insights for the financial and pharmaceutical industries.

Predictive Health

Tap into diverse data sources to enhance health predictions.

Secure Cross-
Industry Collaboration

Foster meaningful partnerships with insurers and wellness brands to improve patient offerings and holistic care.

New Revenue

Monetize health data by offering insurers access to reliable health data, enhancing their ability to make informed and precise decisions.

Integrity and

With our Crypto-ID technology, ensure data flows between sectors seamlessly while its integrity, security, and regulatory adherence remain uncompromised.

Our Use Cases

Data Monetization

Advertising and Media

Credit Risk Scoring

Insurance Risk

Loyalty and Rewards

Featured Case Study

Using Medication Adherence Data to Predict Life Expectancy

The objective was to determine the correlation between adherence to medication and increased longevity in patients, then leverage this insight to create risk scores for insurers.

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