Koby  Oberholzer

L-R Staples, Oberholzer, Prestwich. © Van Gysen

St Francis Bay surfer Staples emerges victorious at the inaugural Namakwa Challenge – September 2021

The Namakwa Challenge was based on the old Billabong Challenge events that ran in Australia in the Nineties. The concept was taking top competitive surfers, along with some hard-charging free surfers and a few young rising stars, to a remote and wild destination, with very testing but perfect waves. The First South African Pro Surfing event since Covid began undoubtedly ticked all these boxes.

The stand-out surfers were Dale Staples and Koby Oberholzer, who found massive tubes that had the crew screaming from the dune. …

Excerpt from “Surfing: Dale Staples Wins The Experience Northern Cape Namakwa Challenge, presented by Billabong Adventure Division.” Dale Staples © Van Gysen

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