The Omnisient Story in a Nutshell

Key players: two guys who share an obsession with technology, data and innovation.

The storyline: the triumph of ‘human perseverance’ over the ‘machine’– accelerated by technology, the overwhelming data that businesses need to deal with, and the challenge of balancing this new reality with ‘what worked in the past’.

The hero: despite many challenges – like data privacy regulations; understandable risk aversion; fear of collaboration despite knowing the value it could add, based on “could this make our data vulnerable?” – they persevered.

In the end: the platform was robust enough to see a second round of funding in a little over a year; with new international investors along and a second input from the original ones. The happy ending, which is still in progress, is that they now have a healthy client base spanning leading retailers, progressive financial service companies, rewards programmes and healthcare services… with more on the horizon.

Meet the lead actors

Jon Jacobson

Co-Founder, Chief Executive & Technology Officer


Anton Grutzmacher

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer


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