Omnisient has introduced an additional privacy-preserving feature in its mission to provide a B2B Data Collaboration Platform that delivers high-value consumer insights and intelligence, combined with stringent security protocols to ensure regulatory compliance by protecting personal data privacy.

De-identifying (or anonymising) personal data is a complex process, spanning 4 levels of security protocols and requiring exceptional technical expertise. So even though the platform already employed 2 of the 4 levels – more than sufficient for compliance –  Omnisient continues bulking up the ‘layers of defence’.

  • Anonymisation & tokenisation (patent-pending: United States Pat Appl No. 17/481,533): first-party data is de-identified on-premise, before uploading to the cloud. Tokenisation allows the Client to re-identify the data at the end of the process.
  • Access control and security: the first-party data owner controls who can access the data and how it can be used – verified with analytics. The platform has passed many Penetration Tests with flying colours.
  • K-Anonymisation: this third level makes it virtually impossible to identify individuals by looking for clusters or groups, amplifying the defence against potential vulnerabilities and data breaches.

Whilst the platform is already completely secure, the final layer of Differential Privacy will be introduced down the line.

Robust evidence of Omnisient’s determination to provide a platform that enables data to reveal fresh opportunities and insights or be monetised, whilst ensuring compliance and consumer privacy.

Since reincorporation in 2019, Omnisient’s growing client portfolio of leading retailers, financial institutions and other sectors are realising the major benefits of being able to unlock critical business insights through enriched consumer data sets, without compromising personal data privacy.

About the Author

Julian Diaz is Omnisient’s CMO. Julian is a B2B tech marketer for start-ups with over 20 years of experience marketing in USA, UK, Europe and South Africa.