Our Approach

We make data usable, findable & tradeable

Data monetization is simple and intuitive when you work with Omnisient using our three-stage methodology.


Does your business already have data assets that are generating revenue? If not, our Create solution is for you. Our expert consulting team will guide you through the process of creating a data monetization strategy – simply put, can you create data assets that solve problems the market is willing to pay for?

With a clear strategy Omnisient’s proprietary tools and methods will integrate, clean, match and transform your raw data from multiple systems and sources to automatically create data assets for further monetization.


In order to partner with another business or to Evaluate a new data provider, businesses need to go through lengthy risk, compliance and contracting procedures before they can even begin to establish value or synergy. Intersect.ai is a privacy by design solution that takes the risk and privacy concerns out of the data sharing equation, making it fast, secure, compliant and affordable to find new opportunities. We accelerate the rate of innovation and opportunity qualification so that you can make better data driven decisions to grow your business.


Want to buy or sell data?

Never do so without protecting your customers personal information or your IP in the process. Ensure your data set is easy to discover, no expensive sales resources required. Our Trade solution makes it easy for clients to commercialize their data assets with the best in class approach and they can also join our intersect.ai alternative data marketplace.