Explore the size of opportunity and synergy with a potential partner, without the risk.

Omnisient’s platform eliminates two major risk factors – Consent and Breach Risks. 

When exploring the size of the opportunity and synergy between two organizations, Omnisient eliminates consent and breach risk because both parties de-identify (anonymize) customer data on-premise.

This means parties A and B use the proprietary tokenization application in their own environment to ensure that personal information never leaves either organization.

Maximize insight

We have created the Anonymized Campaign Engine (ACE) to transform how our Clients evaluate and execute partnerships.

Most businesses are unable to evaluate the beneficial value and synergy of a potential partner, mostly due to the lack of “common data”. If one party is a retailer and the other a bank, they speak different data languages and don’t share a common currency to understand each other’s customers. Omnisient has loaded a full “universe” (credit bureau, deeds, CIPC & Home Affairs, and marketing data base) that can act as a common denominator to understand the demographics, affluence and life stage of customers across both data-sharing parties, making analysis and campaign execution significantly more powerful.

Enable execution

Should the evaluation and assessment of the potential partnership lead to a decision to execute campaigns, without the Omnisient Platform, both parties would still be forced to exchange datasets in order to market to the other’s base or share insights.

Omnisient eliminates this need and enriches the data with ACE insights to enable targeted campaign execution. The platform provides all the benefits of joint campaign planning and execution without having to share data physically with the other party.

Privacy + Advanced insights + Targeting capabilities = Partnership success

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