Omnisient Data Collaboration Platform overview

Omnisient’s Privacy-Preserving Data Collaboration platform enables businesses to collaborate on 1st party customer data easily and securely while remaining fully compliant with all global consumer privacy regulations, in control of their IP and protected against the risk of data breach.

How Omnisient enables businesses to match consumer records across multiple businesses and ensures compliance with global consumer privacy regulations.

Step 1 for Privacy Preserving Data Collaboration

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as name, email address and phone numbers, is anonymized on-premise to create irreversible “Crypto-Identities”.

A Crypto-Identity is a unique string of characters created based on a consumer record’s unique personally identifiable information and using hashing and proprietary techniques in combination with each other to irreversibly anonymize a customer profile and enable secure anonymous matching across multiple consumer data sets.

Step 2 in Privacy Preserving Data Collaboration

The Crypto-Identities are encrypted in-transit as they are uploaded to Omnisient’s “Safe-Zone” – a neutral and secure environment – for analysis by multiple businesses. Data owners never hand over their data to a 3rd party and they keep control at all times of what data is shared.

Step 3 in Privacy Preserving Data Collaboration

Collaborating businesses are able to see the overlap in shared consumers and match them to gain insights on their consumers beyond their business and run predictive models in a privacy-by-design environment.

Data owners maintain full control over their data and eliminate risk of data breach since all sensitive information associated with consumer records are anonymized and are never out of the hands of the data owner.

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