Westerford High School

Breaking down the Financial Barriers to Academic Success for Exceptional Students

Championing the transformative essence of education, we are thrilled to extend financial support to 17 remarkable students from Cape Town’s esteemed Westerford High School —one of the pinnacle institutions in South Africa.

Our alliance with Westerford aims to be a steadying pillar through the pivotal academic years of Grades 10 to 12, recognizing the foundational role these moments play in sculpting their educational odysseys. Committed to dismantling financial hurdles for deserving students, we proactively extend partial bursaries, enabling us to touch the lives of numerous students, cultivating future leaders, and seeding success in our local economy.

This opportunity, meticulously crafted, is intended for spirited young intellects showcasing academic brilliance and in need of financial support to chase their educational dreams.

Our goal is to alleviate the financial load, enabling these exceptional students to immerse in their studies, explore diverse passions, and unfold their fullest potential.

Bursary Recipient Spotlight: Joshua Links

We chatted with Joshua Links, one of the 17 beneficiaries of Omnisient’s partial bursary at Westerford High School, uncovering insights into a grade 10 student who beautifully marries a love for acting with a burgeoning interest in IT.

A passion first ignited in Primary School, Joshua’s love for acting has soared, propelled by the intoxicating adrenaline of stage performances before expansive audiences. His recent leading role in Westerford’s “District Six” production underscored the imperative of fostering community, leaving a profound impression on him.

From acting and valuable guidance from his Drama teacher, Mrs. Brown, Joshua has gleaned vital life skills—such as enhanced confidence and effective use of body and voice—that transcend into diverse life aspects, sharpening his communication and self-expression.

Peering into the future, he aspires to delve into Drama studies at the University of Cape Town and potentially build an acting career, whether domestically or internationally. Meanwhile, recognizing technology’s pivotal role, he’s open to exploring a career in IT, relishing the satisfaction derived from crafting “cool” creations through code.

Reflecting on his Westerford journey, Joshua emanates gratitude for the school’s diversity, the opportunity to study Drama, and a “lekker” principal celebrated for his inclusive nature and unwavering student support.