biNu is a business that connects brands with mobile audiences by lowering the barrier of engagement through #datafree services. The Moya Messenger app had started reaching more than 1,5 million users a month, and biNu wanted to enable their ad sales team to present brands with a clear understanding of the audience segments that are engaging on their application.

The challenge of sourcing a data supplier that could match to their user base and then enrich biNu’s data without them sharing their user’s personal information seemed impossible. Their problem was promptly solved through the secure data exchange and data marketplace created by Omnisient. biNu used the application to tokenize all their user’s personal information before loading it to the cloud where we could match the anonymized data to various data suppliers. This allowed biNu to evaluate who could supply valuable insights at scale across their user base. As a result, biNu was able to enrich their records with great insights that has resulted in a number of advertising deals being signed.