A large retailer needed to urgently understand their penetration of key demographic and socio- economic groups, but faced a number of challenges.

How to compare their large loyalty data set to a third-party data source of demographic and socio- economic data that covered most of the South African consumer population without sharing their customers personal information in the process. To further complicate matters, it would take months to onboard a new supplier due to the compliance and data security checks that needed to be managed.

Omnisient provided the Head of Risk and the Head of Analytics with the perfect solution. The data security and compliance boxes were automatically ticked by our privacy by design platform (intersect.ai), which ensured no customer personal information left either the retailer or the data supplier’s environment during the analytical exercise. And intersect.ai already had a reputable third-party data vendor showcasing their demographic and socio-economic data on the platform for potential buyers. The project was completed in three days which helped them save money and hit their deadline.