A major retailer has a loyalty base of millions of customers and was struggling to find a way to only target NEW customers with special offers and reduce wastage. Omnisient gladly accepted the challenge to find new engagement opportunities for the retailer as our intersect.ai platform already has innovative businesses showcasing their user data securely on the platform. The retailer and media platform agreed to use our intersect.ai platform to protect their customer and user information to do an overlap analysis to understand the intersection between the retailer’s loyalty base and the media platforms user base. This exercise would have taken many months as the retailer has significant data security, compliance and onboarding protocols in place to protect their customers data and their IP. To add to this, the media platform didn’t have consent to share their user’s personal data, so it seemed practically impossible. Omnisient’s intersect.ai platform became the only solution. The result was a 24-hour turnaround that showcased that 90% of the media platforms users would be NEW to the retailer and successful campaigns promptly followed.