Improve modelling

Omnisient creates a new paradigm for modelling. By enabling data security and consumer privacy within the data exchange, many businesses that have never considered monetizing their data are starting to make it available to test the value it might hold for other businesses.

Audience Data Enrichment

biNu is a business that connects brands with mobile audiences by lowering the barrier of engagement through #datafree services.

Audience Data Profiling

A gym group catering for middle to lower income health and fitness audiences wanted to better understand the difference between their premium members and regular members, so that they could understand which prospects to pitch their premium membership to.

Benchmark share of key consumer segments

A large retailer needed to urgently understand their penetration of key demographic and socio-economic groups, but faced a number of challenges.

Monetize your data

Many organizations collect data during the course of their operations. These businesses have created data assets that could add significant value to other organizations.

Improve call centre effectiveness

Call Centre effectiveness in South Africa is a known challenge due to contact data quality.

Enhanced Partnership Campaigns

Many businesses in Africa and abroad use direct marketing very effectively to onboard well-targeted customers and hit their growth quotas.

Explore New Partnerships

Any business that has tried to establish if there is an opportunity for growth with another business understands that it can take months to establish a business case due to the compliance and risk hoops that need to be jumped through by both parties.

Audience Selection for Campaigns

A major South African retailer and the organizer of a large national event wanted to identify specific loyalty customers who took part in the event. The objective was to re-activate their participation in the event for the coming year.

Securely Explore Opportunities

A major retailer has a loyalty base of millions of customers and was struggling to find a way to only target NEW customers with special offers and reduce wastage.

Explore Alternative Data Sources

Most market-leading businesses recognize that data is the new oil. Omnisient creates the ability for your business to explore many new sources in a compliant and secure way that protects customer information.