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omnisient data exchangeExplore Alternative Data Sources

Most market leading businesses recognise the that data is the new oil, Omnisient creates the ability for your business to explore many new sources in a compliant and secure way that protects customer information. The only “alternative” sources of data reside with other businesses. We make it quick and easy to share data while protecting your IP and customer information, ensuring compliance in the process. We have helped customers trace data sources that can help them establish the value of a vehicle repair, the likelihood for a telephone to be answered, whether someone is in market for a home loan or if someone has kids in the household that attend school. These are just a few examples amongst the many that exist to explore through our Secure Data Exchange.


omnisient data exchangeSecurely Explore Opportunities 

A major retailer has a loyalty base of millions of customers and was struggling to find a way to target only NEW customers with special offers and reduce wastage. Omnisient gladly accepted the challenge to find new engagement opportunities for the retailer as our secure data exchange platform already has innovative businesses showcasing their user data securely on the platform. The retailer and media platform agreed to use to protect their customer and user information and do an overlap analysis to understand the overlap between the retailer’s loyalty base and the media platforms user base. This exercise would have taken many months as the retailer has significant data security, compliance and onboarding protocols in place to protect their customers data and their IP. To add to this the media platform didn’t have consent to share their user’s personal data, so it seemed practically impossible. INTERSECT became the only solution. The result was a 24- hour turnaround that showcased that 90% of the media platforms users would be NEW to the retailer and successful campaigns promptly followed.


omnisient data exchangeAudience Selection for Campaigns

A major SA retailer and the organiser of a large national event wanted to identify specific loyalty customers of the retailer who took part in the event in the past to see if they could re-activate their participation for the coming year. The retailer and event organiser could overlay their data and identify the target loyalty customers without sharing the personal information of the consumers concerned with each other in the process. The event organiser also did not get access to any of the retailer’s data in the process, which meant the retailer could protect their IP.


omnisient data exchangeExplore New Partnerships

Any business that has tried to establish if there is an opportunity for growth with another business understands that it can take months to establish a business case due to the compliance and risk hoops that need to be jumped through by both parties. Often by the time the parties are in a position to share data, it is months down the line and much time and resource has been dedicated to an exercise that could have taken a couple of days if data security and privacy wasn’t an issue.

By ensuring no personal information is required for the data matching and evaluation process it eliminates the compliance risk and speeds up the evaluation process, saving you time and money. Kissing some frogs might be inevitable, but you don’t have to be in a relationship with them for months to find out they are one. Our clients innovate faster by finding the best partners quickly.


omnisient data exchangeEnhanced Partnership Campaigns 

Many businesses in Africa and abroad use direct marketing very effectively to onboard well targeted customers and hit their growth quotas.  While direct marketing has many benefits, consumers have become extremely fatigued by the cavalier nature in which businesses share their data without consent and the unsolicited nature of the campaigns (cold sms, cold call). As a result, regulations like POPI and GDPR have been created to protect consumers. As a result many businesses will have growth challenges because they don’t have alternative strategies to their direct marketing lead generation campaigns in place. 

A compliant alternative is partnerships with other businesses, who can deliver a consent based direct marketing channel to their existing customers.  

The challenge is to make partnership marketing simple, quick and effective.  Omnisient’s secure data exchange platform protects both parties from IP and privacy risks, creates the ability to overlay relevant segmentation and targeting parameters to enable advanced audience profiling and even makes ROI attribution possible.


omnisient data exchangeImprove call centre effectiveness

Call Centre effectiveness in South Africa is a known challenge due to contact data quality. Often call centres cannot reach the prospects that have been provided because the contact data provided is of poor quality or the prospect just does not pick up. The more prospects that pick up and stay on the phone the higher the likelihood of conversion. Omnisient has onboarded some unique data assets for our customers to evaluate. One such provider has created a phone quality score from millions of call centre interactions observed on millions of numbers daily. This means you can filter your prospect list by a number quality score to identify the numbers most likely to engage and connect before submitting the list to the call centre. Notably a very successful call centre was able to improve its already market beating contact ratio by 38%.


omnisient data exchangeMonetize your data

Many organisations collect data during the course of their operations. These businesses have created data assets that could add significant value to other organisations. Omnisient helps these data asset owners remove the barriers to exploring the value of their data and helps them sweat their data asset while protecting both their IP and customer information. Through (our secure data exchange), we are creating a market place where your data asset can be found, assessed and valued by eager buyers, without having to employ expensive sales resources or exposing your data to regulatory risks and compliance issues.  


omnisient data exchangeBenchmark share of key consumer segments:

A large retailer needed to urgently understand their penetration of key demographic and socio-economic groups, but faced a number of challenges. 

How to compare their large loyalty data set to 3rd party data source of demographic and socio-economic data that covered most of the South African consumer population without sharing their customers personal information in the process.  To further complicate matters, it would take months to onboard a new supplier due to the compliance and data security checks that needed to be managed.

Omnisient provided the Head of Risk and the Head of Analytics with the perfect solution. The data security and compliance boxes were automatically ticked by our privacy by design platform, which ensured no customer personal information left either the retailer or the data supplier’s environment during the analytical exercise. And Omnisient’s secure data exchange already had a reputable 3rd party data vendor showcasing their demographic and socio-economic data on the platform for potential buyers. The project was completed in 3 days which helped them save money and hit their deadline.


omnisient data exchangeAudience Data Profiling

A gym group catering for middle to lower income health & fitness audiences wanted to better understand the difference between their premium members and regular members, so that they could understand which prospects to pitch their premium membership to. The client’s own data did not contain sufficient insights, so 3rd party data became the only option. Omnisient helped them match their data to a data supplier they had never worked with before without exposing the personal information of their customers to the data provider and therefore helped them avoid all compliance issues. The insight they needed were delivered in 2 days instead of weeks and gave them great insights about their premium members that helped them plan their summer campaigns.


omnisient data exchangeAudience Data Enrichment

biNu is a business that connects brands with mobile audiences by lowering the barrier of engagement through #datafree services. The Moya Messenger app had started reaching more than 1,5 million users a month and biNu wanted to enable their ad sales team to present brands with a clear understanding of the audience segments that were engaging on their application. The challenge of sourcing a data supplier that could match to their user base and then enrich biNu’s data without biNu sharing their user’s personal information seemed impossible. Their problem was promptly solved through the secure data exchange and data market place created by Omnisient. biNu used the Omnisient’s secure data exchange application to tokenize all their user’s personal information before loading it to the secure data exchange platform where Omnisient could match the anonymized data to various data suppliers. This allowed biNu to evaluate who could supply valuable insights at scale across their user base. As a result, biNu was able to enrich their records with great insights that has resulted in a number of advertising deals being signed.  


omnisient data exchangeImprove modelling

Omnisient creates a new paradigm for modelling. By enabling data security and consumer privacy within the Omnisient’s secure data exchange, many businesses that have never considered monetizing their data are starting to make it available to test the value it might hold for other businesses. We call these companies “Tenants”. Omnisient clients have the ability to explore how these new data sources could enhance or totally change the quality of their models without sending customer data to each other at all.