Generate new revenue from privacy-preserving targeted marketing services for advertisers.


The demise of third-party cookies for targeted digital marketing is challenging advertisers with finding new channels for reaching their audiences cost-effectively. Plus, growing consumer privacy regulations globally are adding an additional hurdle to finding a new way of running personalized ads and measuring their effectiveness and attribution.

What if you could partner with other businesses across different industry sectors – such as financial services and retail – to gain insights on shared customers in a privacy-compliant manner? What if you could use these new insights to enrich your customer understanding and enable more targeted and personalized SMS and in-app advertising across your network?

Innovative telcos are beginning to offer targeted advertising services as both a solution to marketers’ growing challenge and an opportunity for themselves to generate new revenue through privacy-preserving, targeted marketing services.

Increase the value of your ad inventory. Generate more revenue.

Become the aggregator of insights for your customer base through privacy-preserving customer matching with partnering businesses.

Use those insights to significantly enhance the value of your ad inventory by improving targeting, conversions and advertisers’ ROI.


Telcos are able to test partnerships, aggregate customer insights, and maximize the value of their ad inventory.

Omnisient is unique in its ability to rapidly enable the matching and joining of customer profiles across disparate 1st party datasets while ensuring protection of consumer privacy and business IP.

Enrich customer knowledge to improve targeting, optimize ad inventory, maximize inventory value and drive data monetization.

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We work with leading telcos to discover new ways of turning their customer data assets into new revenue and improved customer experience while respecting consumer privacy.

If you’re a telco interested in discovering how to generate revenue from your customer data assets in a privacy-compliant way, ask us about our Data Commercialization offering for telcos. We’ll help you find the value and the buyers for your 1st party customer data and set you up in a secure and compliant data collaboration and monetization environment quickly and easily.

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