Retail and Banking

Discovering the Financial Impact of a Retail Loyalty Program 


Determine the actual financial impact of the retailer’s loyalty program by comparing customer spending patterns before and after program enrolment.


Using Omnisient, the retailer and the bank anonymized and tokenized their datasets locally before uploading into the secure and neutral collaboration environment. There they jointly overlapped their datasets.

This secure collaboration allowed for an in-depth analysis of the spending habits of loyalty club members, enabling a direct comparison of spending trends before and after their enrolment in the loyalty program.

  • Retailer dataset: Provided information about the spending patterns of customers, especially those enrolled in the loyalty program.
  • Bank dataset: Offered a broader perspective on the same customers’ overall spending habits, including non-retail related expenses.

The combination of these datasets enabled a comprehensive understanding of how the loyalty program influenced overall spending behavior.

Insights Revealed

Financial Impact

While the post-enrollment increase in spending was found to be more modest than initially anticipated, the retailer gained a deep understanding of the program’s actual financial impact.


The Retailer

The retailer obtained a transparent and accurate representation of the loyalty program’s efficacy, allowing for more informed decision-making and strategy adjustments.

The Banks

The bank enhanced its relationship with the retailer, opening doors for potential future collaborations and data-driven initiatives.

The Consumers

Although not directly mentioned, consumers benefit from improved program offerings and incentives as the retailer gains a clearer understanding of spending behaviors and adjusts the loyalty program accordingly.

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