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Score and target under-served markets and create new advertising revenue streams.

Today’s Challenges

Scoring the Unscored

A vast segment of potential clients lack traditional credit history, making it a challenge for banks to assess their creditworthiness effectively.

Shrinking Margins

According to McKinsey & Company, margins are shrinking —down more than 25 percent in the past 15 years and expected to fall to 30 percent, another 20 percent decrease, in the next decade.

Increased Competition from
New Sectors and Neobanks

In the age of fintech and neobanks, traditional banks are in a race to innovate and offer new services that meet consumer demand.

A Growing Risk of Fraud

The rise of digital channels and mobile banking is creating new opportunities for fraudsters.

Our Solution

Omnisient is reshaping the banking landscape by enabling banks to securely tap into a rich ecosystem of previously inaccessible behavioral data from new alternative data sources.

Through our pioneering technology, banks can now score and reach out to those historically overlooked due to a lack of credit history or generate new revenue through data monetization via their own Payment Media Network.

With our US-patented Crypto-IDs, data is anonymized, ensuring stringent data protection while enabling seamless collaboration.

Redefine banking through breakthrough data collaboration. Each transaction, and each financial decision by a consumer tells a tale. Build a future of banking that’s inclusive, secure, profitable, and impactful.

Revolutionary Credit
Scoring and Client Growth

Harness the power of diverse behavioural data to assess the creditworthiness of previously unscored segments, unlocking a vast new clientele.

Payment Media
Network Enablement

Omnisient helps banks set up and optimize Payment Media Networks, turning their vast consumer transactional data into monetizable assets for personalized advertising within their banking network.


Omnisient empowers banks to fight fraud through data collaboration to share data insights and identify anomalies and fraudulent transactions or behavior.

Our Use Cases

Data Monetization

Advertising and Media

Credit Risk Scoring

Insurance Risk

Loyalty and Rewards

Featured Case Study

How a Bank Partnered with a Property Portal and Home Loan Originator to Uncover Loan Disintermediation

The objective was to determine if home loan originators were channeling home loans to competing banks and the extent of this disintermediation among the bank’s clients.

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