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Reduce risk through new sources of Alternative Data

Today’s Challenges

Accurate Risk

The precision in evaluating risks directly influences policy pricing and profitability. Insufficient data can lead to misjudged risks and potential revenue loss.

Predicting Policy

Inaccurate prediction of policy lapses can result in revenue leaks and missed opportunities for timely customer interventions.

Limited Access to
Alternative Data

Traditional data sources can often be limiting. Access to diverse data sources is vital for a holistic risk analysis and policyholder understanding.

Building Effective
Predictive Models

Utilizing new sources of data necessitates tools and strategies that can harness these insights effectively for predictive modeling.

Our Solution

Omnisient addresses the twin challenges of risk assessment and policy lapse prediction by enabling insurance providers to access a rich trove of alternative data through secure collaboration.

Our platform doesn’t just expose insurers to new data sources; it equips them with advanced tools to build effective predictive models on this newfound data.

This approach enhances the precision of risk evaluation and improves the prediction accuracy of policy lapses.

With our US-patented Crypto-IDs, we ensure this data expansion remains compliant and privacy-focused.

Dive deep into alternative data, refine risk assessment, and sharpen policy lapse predictions with our pioneering solutions.

Enhanced Risk

By tapping into diverse alternative data sources, achieve a more accurate and holistic risk assessment that directly impacts profitability.

Accurate Policy
Lapse Prediction

With enriched data and cutting-edge modeling tools, accurately predict policy lapses, allowing for timely interventions and reduced revenue losses.

Access to
Alternative Data

Break free from the limitations of traditional data sources by accessing a vast ecosystem of alternative data, offering richer insights into policyholder behaviors and potential risks.

Predictive Modeling

Harness the power of advanced AI and Machine Learning tools in a secure collaboration environment that can effectively process and model the new data, providing actionable insights for improved policy management.

Our Use Cases

Data Monetization

Advertising and Media

Credit Risk Scoring

Insurance Risk

Loyalty and Rewards

Featured Case Study

Enriching Policyholder Data to Accelerate Payouts for Beneficiaries

The objective was to enhance the contactability of policyholders and dependents and expedite the claims process for beneficiaries by updating and enriching the contact details of policyholders and their dependents.

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