Omnisient envisions a better future for society through the ethical use of data for good.

It’s our vision for the future of data collaboration.

What we believe.

We believe that data collaboration enables world changing opportunities for businesses and communities, but they should never be at the expense of the consumer or the business that serves them.

We believe that one of these world changing opportunities we can enable is growing financial inclusion.

Globally, over 1.7 billion individuals are missing from the formal financial landscape, unable to access essential services like housing, education, healthcare, and business capital. Why? Financial institutions lack the behavioral data that would allow them to serve these individuals confidently and securely.

We’re on a Mission.

We want to create the world’s largest repository of alternative consumer data to grow financial inclusion.

This will help extend formal financial services to those who have been excluded in the past through the secure and compliant sharing of anonymized consumer data between financial services and consumer businesses.

How we do it. 

Our privacy-preserving data collaboration platform uses Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) and advanced Cryptography and AI to enable businesses to discover, validate and commercialize new alternative sources of consumer behavioral data without ever having to exchange data or share consumers’ personal information.

Watch our two minute explainer video to learn how we protect consumer privacy while enabling ground-breaking insights.

The Benefits

For Consumer Brands

Supermarkets, telcos, gyms and pharmacies, securely joining their consumer data with other businesses’ consumer data amplifies their ability to optimize marketing, strengthen customer loyalty, build new innovative products, and generate new revenue beyond digital advertising.

For Financial Institutions

This collaboration delivers alternative sources of data that optimize cross-sell and upsell campaigns for existing customers and drives lower-risk and more profitable decisions on premiums, underwriting, and credit offers for new clients, especially those previously excluded because they lack data footprints within conventional data sources.

For Consumers and Society

The ethical use of anonymized consumer data can reveal insights that deliver enhanced customer experiences, cost-savings, as well as life-saving medical breakthroughs, life-changing access to financial services, and financial protection from unexpected events.

Results that have real world impact.

At Omnisient we take our impact seriously, our goal – bring those who have frequently been overlooked within the financial system to the forefront in a safe and secure manner and enable them to reach their full potential.

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Advancing Privacy with Ethical Innovation

Our Core Values

We envision a brighter future, harnessing our collective values to cultivate ethical innovation and develop privacy technologies with profound societal benefits.

Omnisient Outreach

Omnisient proudly partners with Westerford High School, providing partial bursaries to 17 exceptional students, facilitating their educational journeys through crucial academic years and alleviating financial barriers. This initiative embodies our belief in education’s transformative power, enabling ambitious students to delve into their passions, achieve academic excellence, and ultimately, forge a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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