Platform Overview

Omnisient protects privacy and company IP to eliminate risk, achieve regulatory compliance, and draw ground-breaking insights from consumer data.

The Leader in Consumer Data Collaborations

Omnisient’s Privacy-Preserving Data Collaboration platform incorporates Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), a secure collaboration environment and embedded AI and analytics tools to eliminate risk, achieve regulatory compliance, and draw ground-breaking insights from consumer data.

Draw impactful insights from 1st party data without ever exchanging data.

Omnisient enables Financial Institutions and Consumer businesses to collaborate and draw impactful insights on consumer behavior from consumer data sets.

Businesses can securely evaluate data partnerships and build consumer data ecosystems that deliver innovative insights, new use cases for consumer data, new revenue streams, and more profitable decisions rapidly and securely.


Fast On-Premise

Use our Desktop application to locally anonymize and protect your consumer data using advanced cryptography before it ever leaves your environment.

US Patented Crypto-IDs for Anonymous Matching

Replace all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with our US patented Crypto-IDs to enable Secure Anonymized Matching of mutual consumers across multiple datasets.

Secure and Neutral Collaboration Environment

Collaborate with verified partners in our secure and neutral “escrow-like” Cloud environment where you maintain full control of your data at all times.

Embedded AI & Machine Learning tools

Harness the power of embedded 3rd party tools like Jupyter Notebook and SQLPad to evaluate data and build predictive models and data products in a neutral and secure environment.

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Read real-life examples of cross-industry collaborations  on our platform that have delivered impactful results for businesses, individuals and society.  Read our Case Studies of real-world results.

Embedded Technologies

Experience a unified, power-packed data journey with our platform, integrating top-tier tools like SQLPad, Jupyter Notebook, Azure Machine Learning and PowerBI. From exploration and analysis to machine learning and insightful visualizations, all under one seamless, intuitive interface, ensuring a consolidated and efficient data analysis and reporting workflow that eliminates the need to ever download or exchange datasets to untap their value.

Secure Data Collaboration | Image of all embedded tools in the system such as Jupyter Notebook, SQLPad, PowerBI, Azure

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