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Loyalty & Rewards

Collaborate with more partners to unlock more value for your customers.

The Challenge

Traditional Loyalty & Rewards programs often struggle to deliver transformative results due to the inability to collaborate and share customer data.

Concerns about data breaches, IP loss, and consumer privacy have created barriers to innovation.

Harness the full potential of your customer data through secure data collaboration with marketing partners, driving innovation and enhancing the customer experience while protecting IP and consumer privacy.

Our Solution

Omnisient’s award-winning Privacy-Preserving Data Collaboration Platform has revolutionized loyalty and retention programs, earning recognition as the Best Loyalty Agency / Data Vendor of the Year in 2022 by the South African Loyalty Awards.

Our platform allows organizations to securely collaborate on and monetize 1st party customer data while safeguarding IP and consumer privacy.

Through data collaboration with other businesses, Omnisient enables you to identify lucrative rewards partnerships, enhance personalization and customer experience, and create new revenue generation opportunities.

With Omnisient’s Loyalty & Rewards Programs solution, you can overcome the traditional challenges of data collaboration, drive innovation, and maximize the potential of your customer data while ensuring privacy, IP protection, and compliance.

Identify Lucrative
Rewards Partnerships

Omnisient streamlines the assessment of customer datasets for Loyalty & Rewards partnerships by eliminating lengthy compliance agreements and protecting customers’ personal information and IP.

Enhance Personalization
and Customer Experience

Access a wealth of customer data from diverse sources outside your organisation, enabling enhanced personalisation and an improved customer experience.

Create New Revenue
Generation Opportunities

Monetize your audience by enabling partnering businesses to identify and target rewards members for third-party product advertising without ever compromising customer privacy.

Featured Case Study

How a Retailer and a Bank partnered to Analyze the Impact of a Loyalty Program on Customer Spending Behavior

The objective was to determine the actual financial impact of the retailer’s loyalty program by comparing customer spending patterns before and after program enrolment.

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