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Credit Scoring

Grow financial inclusion and increase revenue through innovative alternative data partners.

The Challenge

Millions of individuals lack a traditional credit history, making it challenging for financial institutions to assess their creditworthiness accurately and offer them affordable credit.

Credit Risk Scoring with alternative data can give banks insights into loan repayment probability through an applicant’s engagements and behavior with another business.

Our Solution

Omnisient pioneers innovative credit risk scoring by facilitating data collaboration with businesses from diverse industries, identifying, and testing alternative data sources for their ability to predict loan repayment by applicants with no credit history or enhancing scoring on thin-file clients.

Discover the power of alternative data sources to assess credit risk accurately, expand access to credit, and make lending decisions that empower both your institution and a broader range of individuals, all while upholding data privacy and compliance.

Discover New
Alternative Data

Omnisient’s experienced team can source alternative data and assess its accuracy using built-in Machine Learning and AI tools to build and test predictive models.

Grow financial inclusion
at lower risk

Partner with other Omnisient platform users to regularly make use of their 1 st party consumer data when scoring credit invisible applicants.


By enabling banks to target new markets previously considered too risky due to lack of credit history, Omnisient helps banks generate new credit revenue

Data Privacy

Ensure all data is handled securely and compliantly, safeguarding customer privacy while benefiting from predictive insights on loan repayment probability.

Featured Case Study

Enhance Credit Offer Targeting

The objective was to improve take-up of credit offers at lower risk and lower cost by targeting only customers that would qualify for a new credit card using the 1st party customer data of a leading grocer and credit bureau data.

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