The Privacy-Preserving Data Collaboration platform

Gain consumer insights and monetise your data through secure data collaboration that complies with consumer privacy regulations .

What is Data Collaboration?

Data collaboration is the sharing of data between businesses to reveal new consumer insights and identify new strategic opportunities.

Using your own data to deepen your understanding of your consumers is powerful, but tapping into new sources of 1st party data is a significant competitive advantage that delivers insights on consumer behaviour, needs and preferences outside of your business. However, preserving privacy is key.

Complex privacy regulations such as GDPR and POPIA along with the rising risks of data breach are making data collaboration challenging.

Omnisient has been developed to preserve and protect consumer privacy and enable the sharing of valuable consumer insights across multiple businesses in a secure and risk-free manner by removing personally identifiable information from data sets and creating a secure collaboration environment where business maintain full control of their data.

Understand Privacy-Preserving Data Collaboration

Watch our short explainer to understand how Privacy-preserving data collaboration:
  • Protects consumer profiles
  • Protects your IP
  • Enables compliant and secure data sharing with multiple businesses
  • Enables insights from alternative data sources

Share insights with other businesses on first-party data.

Omnisient enables secure and GDPR / POPI compliant Data Collaboration by protecting and anonymising personal information during analysis by collaborating businesses.

Over 60 of Africa’s largest banks, insurers, retailers, and healthcare organisations use Omnisient to derive insights from privacy-preserving data collaboration. 

Data collaboration with multiple businesses

Data Privacy and Data Collaboration.

Data Privacy is necessary to protect consumers from predatory data sellers, but the knock-on effect of businesses offboarding their data suppliers has resulted in a shortage of data for key decision-making processes.

Businesses are looking for legitimate data owners for Alternative Data sources, but collaborating on and monetising data is a major challenge for data owners for many reasons:

  • Data privacy regulations,
  • Breach risk and reputational damage,
  • Abuse of IP when sharing data,
  • Linking data with other businesses,
  • Determining the commercial value,
  • Finding buyers, and
  • Time to market

…among many others.

Loss of Intellectual Property, need for consent, concerns about maintaining privacy and compliance with privacy regulations, time and effort required to evaluate partnerships and risk of breach are all challenges facing data collaboration.

Omnisient’s privacy-preserving data collaboration platform protects consumers and businesses alike during data collaboration by eliminating the need to exchange data or share personally identifiable information. Omnisient:

  1. Anonymises data at source, eliminating the exposure and use of personally identifiable information
  2. Makes data interoperable using cryptography to match anonymised data across multiple data sets
  3. Protects your IP by creating a secure and neutral collaboration environment in the Cloud where data is never exchanged and where you remain in full control of your data and IP

See our 3 Step process for Privacy-Preserving Data Collaboration here.

How can Data Collaboration benefit your business?

  • Gain valuable customer insights
  • Source Alternative Data to improve Financial Inclusion and Credit Risk Management 
  • Enable Rewards & Loyalty partnerships by eliminating compliance and customer poaching concerns
  • Enable privacy preserving targeted advertising
  • Generate revenue from your data through Data Monetisation
  • Join data across healthcare providers to improve healthcare
  • Identify insurance fraud
Photo of secure data collaboration using data anonymised using cryptography

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