• Data Privacy & Data Security

    Our technology protects customer privacy and the value of your data asset whether you want to partner, share insights or trade data inside or outside your organization.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Data is the new oil, OMNISIENT helps you find and evaluate the most valuable sources of customer insights.

  • Alternative Data

    Other businesses are a rich source of insight about your customers and future prospects, we provide the platform to explore, evaluate and trade data.

  • Data Monetization

    Your data is valuable, and our intersect.ai Secure Data Exchange platform is your compliant, privacy by design gateway to data monetization.



We believe customer data privacy and protection should be central and not a hindrance to the democratisation of data and the broader participation of businesses in the use and sharing of data.

Data sharing creates tremendous value for businesses and consumers alike, that’s why we created intersect.ai, the secure data exchange that ensures companies can protect personal information and intellectual property while sharing data internally or externally.

The platform has gained traction across many businesses. We now count retailers, banks and insurers as customers wishing to share data securely and compliantly in a hassle free way.

Omnisient is based in Cape Town, South Africa and is backed by Nedbank, Investec and Compass.


Does your business already have data assets that are generating revenue? If not, our create solution is for you. Our expert consulting team will guide you through the process of creating a data monetisation strategy.

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In order to partner with another business or to Evaluate a new data provider, businesses need to go through lengthy risk, compliance and contracting procedures before they can even begin to establish value or synergy.

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Want to buy or sell data?
Never do so without protecting your customers personal information or your IP in the process. Ensure your data set is easy to discover, no expensive sales resources required.

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Jon and the team do some amazing work in the data security space. The way they anonymously share data between businesses are revolutionary.
Chris Vermeulen Wonderlab