Our secure data collaboration platform allows businesses to:

Gain deep customer insights

Drive growth and find new audiences

Enable innovation

Protect personal privacy


Risk-free data collaboration

Omnisient’s software solution is revolutionising the data economy through a cloud-based platform that anonymises and tokenises consumer data, keeping it private and secure, while enabling businesses to find new sources of data through B2B collaboration that can fuel customer insights, enable innovation or reveal new strategies.

The Secure Data Collaboration Platform makes business-to-business data sharing compliant and hassle-free.

Our smart applications remove the privacy and information security concerns relating to data exchanges, which dramatically speed up the traditional data collaboration process.

Meaning that you can identify lucrative opportunities way faster and reduce your investment in qualifying them.


Five reasons leading organisations ­– especially financial services, retailers, rewards programmes and healthcare - use our Platform:

#01. Fast & Affordable

It enables cost-effective, streamlined data collaborations with other businesses or internal departments, whilst robustly protecting customer privacy and information security.

#02. Compliance

All the strategic benefits, augmented by an obsessive observation of ethical and regulatory protocols via proprietary anonymisation of any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

#03. Legal & Risk-free

We don’t own or exchange any data, nor do we keep yours.

Organisations retain sole ownership of their first-party datasets.

#04. Intelligent

We use tokenisation [United States Pat Appl No. 17/481,533] which anonymises and encrypts data; and AI/ML technology to deliver deep insights that enable businesses to grow market share, find new audiences, and improve customer experience.

#05. Independent

Trust is important to us. And to you.

We are not affiliated with any data owners or platform giants, and fulfil the essential requirement of separating data owners from the processing platform.

Omnisient Secure Data Collaboration

According to Gartner, organisations that promote data sharing are more likely to outperform their peers on most business value metrics, something that companies all over the world are keen to achieve.

Customers expect more personalised contact and improved brand experiences. The challenge is that the conventional data ecosystem is flawed with ineffective protections, financial and brand reputational risks. This is further hampered by the increasing number of global data privacy regulations like GDPR, POPIA and CCPA.

Data-driven decisions are the only way to:

  • Drive revenues: target untapped-but-receptive segments, and avoid wasting money or time on messaging irrelevant or ineffective audiences
  • Reduce waste: redundant data is quickly removed, highlighted the information you need to focus on
  • Give direction: to guide marketing and operational activities

Hungry for consumer insights, but concerned about risk?

Data is the powerhouse driving digital transformation. It’s even more powerful when first-party data sets are enriched by overlaying second-party data to derive deeper insights.

The Omnisient platform ensures organisations can derive meaningful insights from datasets without compromising personal information. It’s a highly relevant solution in a market that’s hungry for insights, but focused on compliance.

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