The Privacy-Preserving Data Collaboration Platform 

Monetize your 1st party customer insights.

Learn more about your customers’ behavior beyond your business. 

What Omnisient helps businesses achieve

Omnisient is Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET) that enables businesses to commercialize and share their 1st party consumer insights in a secure, regulatory compliant and risk-free manner.

We help businesses achieve the following:

Customer Insights and Market Benchmarking

We enable businesses to gain additional insights into their customers beyond their business and understand their position in the market.

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Data Partnership

We enable businesses to rapidly evaluate data partnerships.

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We enable businesses to determine the value and multiple use cases for their data and to monetize their 1st party data.

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Millions of consumer profiles anonymized and protected

Number of organizations monetizing and sharing consumer insights

Global consumer privacy regulations such as GDPR, POPIA and California’s CCPA along with the rising risk of data breach have made data collaboration challenging.

Watch our short video to learn how Omnisient’s privacy-by-design environment to enables you to:

  • Anonymize and protect consumer profiles
  • Protect your IP
  • Collaborate with multiple businesses in a secure and GDPR / POPIA compliant manner
  • Match consumer records across multiple data sets to receive insights from alternative data sources

Comply with  global consumer privacy regulations.

“With Omnisient we’ve been able to link our database to different datasets in a POPI compliant manner to gain a more in-depth understanding of our customers and target people with similar profiles.”

Draw valuable insights from alternative data sources.

“Omnisient gives us the ability to profile our customers better through data insights gained from analysing our base against potential customers.”

Over 70 of Africa’s largest banks, insurers, retailers, and healthcare organizations use Omnisient to monetize and derive insights through data collaboration in a privacy-by-design environment that protects consumer privacy and business IP and eliminates breach risk.

Omnisient’s anonymization and tokenization of personally identifiable information enables businesses to:

  • Determine the value of data collaboration partnerships,
  • Generate alternative revenue through data monetization,
  • Find matching consumer records in alternative data sources to gain insights on their consumers beyond their business,
  • Protect consumer privacy, and
  • Comply with global consumer privacy regulations. 

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