The Collaboration Platform that Protects Data Privacy and Removes Risk

Big Data, Big Privacy

All the benefits of data, without the risk.

Privacy Enables Data Collaboration

Omnisient makes personal data personal again.

Stay Compliant

Protect your brand reputation by reducing breach and privacy risks.

Omnisient is changing the way the data industry works.


No personal data is exchanged.


Risk Free

We don't own any data nor do we keep yours.


All the data, without the personal stuff.


Our platform uses tokenisation and AI technology.


We are an independent data exchange platform.

The Secure AI Data Exchange Platform makes Peer-to-Peer Data Exchange Safe.

Consumer data powers modern business. Customers expect more personalised contact and improved brand experiences. The challenge is that the data ecosystem to deliver these is flawed. Ineffective protections, financial and brand reputational risks and increased privacy regulations continue to disrupt the data supply chain. Omnisient's secure data exchange platform overcomes these challenges with zero-risk data sharing.

Trading or exchanging data has resulted in people losing control of their own data.

If data collaborations with other brands and businesses is something you do - or want to do - but compliance, privacy and reputational damage concerns you, then you have come to the right place.

More Insights

Data collaboration with industry peers and partners significantly expands your knowledge of your customer.

More Strategy

More relevant data about your customers' life and behaviour outside of your walls will alert you to significantly more opportunities to grow profitability.

More Growth

By 2023, organisations that promote data sharing will outperform their peers on most business value metrics (Source: Gartner).

More Profit

Data collaboration accelerates innovation, efficiency, and monetisation.

Easier Collaboration, Absolute Privacy, Zero Risk

Engineered Privacy

Omnisient provides never-before-reached levels of data security and privacy compliance through anonymization of personal information. This means:

  • Personal data is never exchanged between any parties
  • Through our tokenization it is impossible for personal information to be unscrambled

Exact Identity Matching

Omnisient's trusted data exchange platform matches the data perfectly without compromising on security.

  • Omnisient's world-class tokenization process uses secure compounded matching (SCM) to derive unique tokens that cannot be compromised
  • Matches are uniquely derived based on deterministic outcomes
  • Data is cleaned of redundant matches


Our tokens can be linked across multiple, varied sources of data with various data sets, without ever sharing personal information.

  • Conduct analysis across all data sources available
  • Derive insights and create opportunities for compliant targeted marketing and campaign activation strategies

Simple, Secure Collaboration

The Omnisient data sharing platform is premised on FAIR principles, while still remaining compliant to privacy regulations.

  • F - Find available data sources
  • A - Access data from data partners and public data sets or invite collaborators to trade data
  • I - Interoperability allows you to link data sets across our SCM tokens
  • R - Reuse datasets multiple times, with multiple different partners

Secure Data Exchanges


omnisient data exchange


omnisient data exchange


omnisient data exchange


omnisient data exchange


partnership marketing

Why Leading Organizations Opt for Omnisient as their Data Collaboration Technology

A data exchange takes place when data is shared between various stakeholders. This collaboration of data gives businesses access to untapped data segments and gives much-needed in-depth knowledge of your audiences.

This data is used to strengthen your marketing campaigns, supports data-driven decision-making, and gives direction to marketing and operational activities.

  • Greater Clarity

    Omnisient's secure data exchange platform allows you to derive greater insights into your target audiences and gives you crystal clarity into your customers' interests and preferences.

  • Enables Extraordinary Targeting

    Secure data sharing through Ominisient's trusted platform quickly removes redundant data and highlights the information you need. Now you can make data-driven decisions regarding campaigns and target and monetize audiences to maximize your revenues.

  • Reduces Expenses and Waste

    Because Omnisient data exchange drives effective segmentation of the right audiences, it prevents you from sending messages to irrelevant or ineffective audiences. Instead, you engage a highly result- oriented audience segment for high-conversion results.

These Leading Companies Trust Omnisient. So Can You.

omnisient secure data exchange
omnisient secure data exchange
omnisient secure data exchange
omnisient secure data exchange

Omnisient engineers privacy and trust with technology. So you can maximise the benefits of data partnerships, without the risk.



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