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Insurance Risk

Enhance Underwriting Accuracy and Maximize Profitability with Data Collaboration

The Challenge

Traditional underwriting processes often rely on limited data sources, leading to inaccurate risk assessments, increased exposure to potential losses, and reduced profitability
Unlock the potential of data collaboration and alternative data sources to improve underwriting accuracy, minimize risk exposure, and optimize profitability in the insurance industry.

Our Solution

Omnisient facilitates data collaboration among insurance providers and various businesses, enabling them to access a broader and more diverse range of data. By leveraging our Privacy-Enhancing Technology, insurers can enhance underwriting accuracy while safeguarding data privacy and compliance.

With Omnisient’s Insurance Risk solution, you can overcome the limitations of traditional underwriting, improve accuracy, reduce risk exposure, and boost profitability by leveraging data collaboration with new partners and growing your sources of alternative data.

Expand Data

Access a wealth of alternative data sources, such as behavioral, transactional, and demographic information, to enrich your underwriting process.

Improve Risk

Leverage advanced analytics, AI and Machine Learning to enhance risk assessment accuracy, reducing exposure to potential losses and optimizing premium pricing.


Identify opportunities to refine your underwriting strategies, streamline processes, and maximize profitability.

Protect Data

Ensure all data sharing adheres to privacy regulations, maintaining customer trust and compliance.

Featured Case Study

Using Medication Adherence Data to Predict Life Expectancy

How a Patient Adherence company and a Data Bureau collaborated to explore Medication Adherence as a predictor of life-expectancy

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