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Thrive in the post-cookie world with 1st party consumer data.

The Challenges

The evolving digital advertising landscape, marked by the phasing out of third-party cookies, presents a formidable challenge.

Traditional ad targeting and optimization practices face disruptions, leading to gaps in ad measurement, attribution, and optimization.

Embrace the future of digital advertising by leveraging data collaboration and 1st party consumer data sources.

Overcome the challenges posed by the cookieless world and redefine your advertising strategies for success.

Our Solution

Omnisient empowers marketers to adapt and thrive in the post-cookie world through data collaboration with a diverse network of businesses.

Our platform, backed by Privacy-Preserving Data Collaboration technology, enables secure data sharing and analysis without revealing personally identifiable information.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking marketers who are thriving in the post-cookie world. Omnisient empowers you to build trust-by-design data ecosystems, tap into new customer insights, and deliver personalized, impactful ads.

Embrace the benefits of data collaboration while safeguarding customer privacy and ensuring data protection compliance.


Access New Sources
of First-Party Data

Join or build Consumer Data Ecosystems, fostering collaboration among businesses to gain comprehensive insights into customer behavior, preferences, and needs.

Ensure Trust-by-Design
Data Ecosystems

Share data securely and in compliance with data privacy regulations, protecting against data breaches and IP loss.

Leverage New
Customer Insights

Harness fresh data insights from Consumer Data Ecosystems to target customers with personalized ads, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Track Attribution
with Privacy

Overcome attribution challenges in a cookieless world by using hashed unique identifiers for tracking, ensuring data privacy while gaining accurate insights into campaign impact.

Featured Case Study

Targeting active home buyers with home loans

The objective was to identify and engage with bank customers actively looking for property to offer them timely home loan deals.

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