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Secure Data Monetization

Transform your consumer data from a liability to a revenue generating asset.

The Challenge

Many businesses are unaware of the untapped potential within their 1st party consumer data, leaving valuable assets unused.

Those who are, are challenged with finding legitimate buyers for acceptable use cases, determining the value of their data, and commercializing their data in a manner that protects consumer privacy and their business against data breach.

Our Solution

Omnisient facilitates data monetization between businesses securely and in record time by ensuring the risk-free and compliant evaluation and use of 1 st party consumer data assets in a secure and neutral environment.

By leveraging our Privacy-Enhancing Technology, organizations can confidently monetize their 1st party consumer data in as little as three months.

Omnisient’s Data Monetization solution empowers businesses to overcome the challenge of underutilized data and seize the opportunity to unlock new revenue streams through privacy-preserving data collaboration.

Use Cases

Our experienced team can work with you to find use cases for your data and thereby determine the value of your data.

Find Buyers

We’ll find potential buyers for your data based on the uses cases for it and provide the environment for potential buyers to rapidly and securely determine the value of your data to them.


Once you’ve found a buyer and agreed on terms of use, we provide contracting functionality and the collaboration environment for your buyers to use the specified anonymized consumer data exactly the way you’ve agreed.

Ensure Compliance
and IP protection

Our platform eliminates the need to ever exchange raw consumer data and you maintain control of who has access to what data at all times.

Featured Case Study

Using Pharmacy Loyalty Data to Target New Policyholders

Evaluate the potential of collective data between the pharmacy chain and the health insurer to enhance the insurer’s demographic understanding, target potential policyholders within the pharmacy’s customer base, and foster mutual growth.

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