Protecting Company IP
and Privacy

We believe that the innate power of 1st party consumer data to solve big problems should never come at the expense of consumers or your business.

The Data Collaboration Dichotomy

Never before have we generated or had access to as much personal data as we have today. This data deluge can be a treasure trove for businesses and society, driving innovations and providing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. However, it also poses significant privacy risks to individuals and liability risk to organizations.

Omnisient overcomes these risks by protecting data and eliminating the need exchanging data or for using personally identifiable information for data analysis.

We are commited to providing the tools to harness the power of consumer data without ever compromising individual privacy or putting businesses or individuals at risk.

Data Protection Principles

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other platforms?

  1. No one ever takes possession of your data.

Unlike other platforms, we don’t require any party to handover or upload raw consumer data. Other platforms require clients to upload their raw consumer data to their platform before anonymizing the data. This means the service provider is taking possession of the raw consumer data and is gaining IP from all clients which it can monetise. It is also exposing clients to the risk of data breach should the service provider ever get hacked. Our desktop anonyimization and upload app enables clients to anonymize their datasets before uploading onto our platform, which means only behavioral and demographic data are shared, but not personal information. 

  1. You get access to embedded AI & ML tools to build data products 

Also, we provide AI and Machine Learning tools within our collaboration environment to enable clients to analyze the data and build predictive models and data products within our secure, neutral environment without ever needing to download each other’s data for analysis.  

What problem do you solve?

We help businesses comply with global privacy regulations and protect against IP leakage / loss of IP and data breach risks typically associated with data collaboration. We remove these risks and enable regulatory compliance so you can reduce the time to value from an industry average of 2 – 3 years to an average of 3 months in the following ways:

  1. By providing a secure and neutral collaboration environment where data is never exchanged, we ensure businesses are always in control of their company IP and protected against data breach.
  2. By creating unique anonymized matching keys for each consumer profile, we enable them to rapidly discover their shared consumers.
  3. By providing built-in AI and Machine Learning tools, we enable them to derive valuable insights that would have been impossible to derive alone without ever needing to take possession of another party’s data.
  4. By removing all the risks associated with sharing of sensitive consumer data, businesses are free to rapidly evaluate the value of other businesses’ consumer data before entering into a formal data sharing or marketing partnership.

This is a breakthrough in predictive modelling and consumer data analysis because it enables businesses to easily and rapidly discover consumer insights in participating businesses’ data in a manner that protects consumer privacy, protects their company IP, and complies with all global privacy regulations.

How is my IP protected?

We’ve engineered trust in data collaboration with our platform by ensuring the highest level of protection of your data while maintaining usability in the following ways: 

  1. Your data is anonymized locally – not on our platform. This means that the personally identifiable information in your data never leaves your environment. It is first anonymized using our desktop application by replacing all personally identifiable information with a unique string of hashes that also serve as matching tokens, or what we call Crypto-IDs. These Crypto-IDs are attached to the anonymized consumer records to enable these records to be matched across other partners’ datasets that have been anonymized and uploaded using our desktop application.
  2. The anonymization of your dataset cannot be reverse engineered to re-identify consumers by Omnisient or any 3rd party. Your anonymized data undergoes further hashing as it is uploaded into our secure and neutral collaboration environment. This means that even Omnisient is unable to re-identify these consumer records nor can any 3rd party access the platform, because the matching tokens created locally in your environment are different from the matching tokens used in the Cloud.
  3. Your uploaded dataset is never out of your control. At all times, you control who is granted access to it and what data is accessible by that party.
  4. Data never exchanges hands in our environment. You never hand over your data to another party in our collaboration environment. Data can be analysed by authorized parties but can never be removed or downloaded.

Can another business identify my clients?

No, they cannot. Your dataset undergoes multiple instances of hashing and SALTing (adding more unique characters to the original string of hashed characters generated for additional anonymization) before it is accessible to your authorized collaboration partners. Even Omnisient has no way of re-identifying your consumers.

Can a competitor see my data?

No, they cannot. Only parties you’ve authorized can view your anonymized data in our secure collaboration environment.

Can a business take an extract and run models against my data?

No, the platform enables businesses you’ve authorized to run models against your data within the platform eliminating the transfer of your data asset to another party. Therefore, a partner can only evaluate the power of your data without taking possession of it.

How much is my data worth?

If your data can solve a known problem better than existing data in the market, there is often a simple point of comparison to determine what your data is worth. The reality is your data can potentially solve many more problems than you might think, so enabling data hungry businesses to quickly and safely explore your data, surfaces the value of your data and establishes immediate credibility. It then becomes about understanding the size of the problem you are solving and pitching pricing that is fair and reasonable.

Where is my data uploaded to?

Your anonymized data is uploaded into our secure collaboration environment which is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud in the region of your choice.

Is the Omnisient platform GDPR / CCPA / POPIA compliant?

Our platform enables businesses to comply with all global privacy regulations by eliminating the use of personal information entirely from the data collaboration process. We enable our clients to onboard matchable Crypto-Identities that cannot be reverse engineered so the customers’ personal information cannot be re-identified. Once parties have determined the value of the data and they want to use the data in ways that require transfer of data to another party, consent implications can come into play. However, the platform remains the way to share data compliantly as personal information is never exchanged with the other party in the collaboration process and thus eliminates breach risk.

Am I at risk if there is a breach at one of my data partners?

Since you never transfer or provide personal information to either Omnisient or to a data partner, if the data partner experiences a breach in their environment, you are never at risk. You never physically transfer personal information out of your environment. Your customers’ personal information remains behind your fire wall.

Do I need consent from my customers to collaborate with other businesses on the Omnisient platform?

You do not need your customers’ consent to share anonymized data on the Omnisient platform, since personal information is never shared, and your consumers cannot be re-identified by a 3rd party.

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