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Generate new revenue and grow your customer base with Financial Services and New Advertising Revenue.

Today’s Challenges

Diminishing Revenue
from Traditional Services

Traditional voice and data revenues are diminishing.

Security and

With expanding services and subscriber data, navigating data privacy regulations and ensuring robust cybersecurity is more critical than ever.

Our Solution

Omnisient enables telcos to diversify their revenue streams through data collaborations to support their entry into financial services.

By harnessing real-time consumer behavioral information, telcos can also offer advertisers laser-focused insights, creating highly personalized ad campaigns to unlock additional revenue streams.

All this, while ensuring impeccable data security and compliance with our patented Crypto-IDs, setting telcos on a path to become formidable financial players and advertising hubs.

Every call, financial transaction, and advertiser collaboration has the potential to rewrite the telco story.

Strategic Financial
Service Entry

Dive into the financial sector with the ability to score and serve underserved segments, tapping into a vast market previously untouched.

Optimized Advertising

Provide advertisers with in-depth insights on subscribers, crafting ads that resonate and generate higher returns, thereby boosting ad revenues.

Data Protection

As telcos expand their horizons, our Crypto-ID technology ensures every piece of data remains secure and anonymized, reinforcing subscriber trust.

Our Use Cases

Data Monetization

Advertising and Media

Credit Risk Scoring

Insurance Risk

Loyalty and Rewards

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