Case Study

Enhance Credit Offer Targeting

Cross-Industry Collaboration: Grocery Retailer, Bank and Data Bureau


Improve take-up of credit offers at lower risk and lower cost by targeting only customers that would qualify for a new credit card using the 1st party customer data of a leading grocer and credit bureau data.


Through a ground-breaking partnership between a Digital Bank, Grocery Retailer, and Credit Bureau, a strategy was crafted to enhance the precision of credit card offers.

  • Digital Bank Dataset: Customer data which includes current account holders, their contact details, credit history with the bank, and other relevant financial information. The bank would have insights into who their current customers are, which of them have credit cards, and the type of financial products these customers might be interested in.
  • Grocery Retailer’s Dataset: Data from the grocery retailer’s loyalty program, including customer demographics, purchase history, and marketing preferences (like opt-ins for SMS marketing).
  • Credit Bureau’s Dataset: Comprehensive credit data on individuals, including their credit scores, credit histories, outstanding debts, payment histories, and other relevant financial information. The credit bureau provides the most critical insight for this partnership – the creditworthiness of potential credit card recipients. This helps the bank ensure they are only offering credit cards to individuals with a favorable credit history, thereby reducing risk.

The initial step involved an overlap analysis of the Bank and Grocery Retailer’s datasets before filtering to exclude existing bank clients and the retailer’s customers not opted-in for SMS marketing.

This data was then overlapped with credit bureau data to filter out the remaining contacts who were not present in the credit bureau database and would therefore not qualify for the credit card.

Insights Revealed

Audience Refinement

From an extensive list of 13,000,000 potential recipients for the credit offer, the filtering process drastically refined the target audience to 91,000.


The Digital Bank

Substantial cost savings by minimizing outreach to non-qualifying or uninterested parties. Enhanced customer acquisition efficiency, ensuring a higher success rate for their credit card applications.

The Retail Grocer

New revenue stream by allowing the bank access to its customer base for targeting (given that customers have opted-in for marketing), plus potential uptick in customer loyalty, given the perceived exclusivity and relevance of the offers presented to them.

The Credit Bureau

Data licensing revenue for access to their credit data. The digital bank would pay the bureau for access to its credit information to filter and qualify potential card recipients.

The Consumers

Received relevant credit card offers tailored to their financial standing, improving their overall customer experience. The refined targeting meant consumers who showed interest had a significantly higher chance of approval, reducing potential frustrations stemming from credit denials.

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