Case Study

Targeting active home buyers with home loans

Cross-Industry Collaboration: Banking and Real Estate


Identify and engage with bank customers actively looking for property to offer them timely home loan deals.


Both the bank and the property portal used Omnisient’s desktop application to anonymize and tokenize their customer data with Omnisient’s Crypto-IDs to enable anonymous matching of mutual consumer records in Omnisient’s secure and neutral Cloud environment. Both parties then uploaded their Crypto-ID protected data onto the Omnisient platform for privacy-compliant and secure analysis:

  • Property Portal dataset: This data provided insights into the bank’s customers actively looking for homes, including their search parameters such as location and budget
  • Bank dataset: The bank’s dataset was used to view which of their customers property portal users and were actively looking for a home.

In Omnisient’s secure Cloud environment, the bank compared both datasets to identify overlaps without revealing the underlying personal data. From the comparison, the bank was able to identify that out of 10.5 million bank customers and 1.7 million portal users, 900,000 individuals were using both services.

Using Omnisient’s advanced data analysis tools, the bank could further filter the overlapped data to view only banking customers that had recently searched for property and had opted-in for marketing communications.

Insights Revealed

Significant Overlap

There was a significant overlap of 900,000 users between the bank’s 10.5 million customers and the 1.7 million property portal users.

Possible Clients Revealed

Identified 76,000 bank customers out of the 900,000 shared users who were actively looking for property each month.


The Banks

Enabled the bank to refine its marketing strategies, resulting in cost savings and enhanced customer experiences. Achieved higher conversion rates due to timely engagement with their existing customers, solidifying its position as the first-choice home loan provider.

The Property Portal

Opportunities for further strategic collaborations with other financial institutions, thereby increasing their market reach.

The Consumers

Received tailored and timely home loan offers aligned with their property search journey, improving their home buying experience. Benefitted from potential exclusive offers or promotions resulting from the partnership, ensuring better loan terms and deals.

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