Case Study

Linking Customers to a Common Household

Cross Industry Collaboration: Retail and Health & Wellness


A leading retail grocer partnered with a pharmacy data aggregator to link customers within their base to the same household in order to understand how household consumption differs from individual consumption.


Recognizing the important role that household make-up plays in understanding customer loyalty and purchasing behavior, a leading grocer collaborated with a pharmacy data aggregator to link customers belonging to the same household.

The pharmacy data aggregator provided household information based on medical insurance purchases. This data was then converted into a unique household identifier.

By linking this identifier with their existing loyalty member data, the grocer gained insights into household structures and their interlinked purchasing patterns.

Insights Revealed

Linking Loyalty

With the introduction of the unique household identifier, loyalty members from the same family could be effectively linked, creating a more cohesive view of household purchase behaviors.


Medical insurance data enabled the retailer to clearly identify and understand family units within their extensive loyalty base.

Shift to Household-Centric

Transitioning from individual to household perspectives revealed new insights, ranging from lucrative cross-selling opportunities to understanding the diverse financial dynamics of households with differing consumption patterns.


The Retail Pharmacy

By adopting a household-centric approach, the retailer could identify scenarios where an individual with seemingly minimal spending was part of a high-expenditure household. This granular understanding empowers them to develop personalized marketing strategies to increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

The Consumers

The shift to household-centric insights allows for more personalized promotional campaigns, ensuring customers receive offers that resonate more deeply with their household’s needs and preferences.

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