Retailers partnering with Financial Services for Data Monetisation

This partnership will further accelerate Omnisient’s international growth by expanding its reach into the id8 360 network of retailers and banks.

Omnisient and id8 360 launch international partnership to unlock new privacy-safe data monetization opportunities between retailers and the financial services industry

London, United Kingdom, 26 March 2024: Omnisient, the global leader in privacy-preserving data collaboration has signed a strategic partnership agreement with id8 360 the experts in retail media & data monetization. This partnership will further accelerate Omnisient’s international growth by expanding its reach into the id8 360 network of retailers and banks.

Retailers and financial services companies have historically faced the hurdles of stringent privacy regulations, and the threat of data breaches that have impeded their ability to innovate and capitalize on data commercialization.

Omnisient’s privacy-preserving platform enables banks and financial services institutions to quickly and safely collaborate with retailers, telcos, and health & wellness businesses to identify behavior patterns within their consumer data.  These can inform risk decisions on premiums, underwriting, and credit offers for new customers – especially those previously excluded because they lack data footprints within conventional credit bureaus.  Using advanced cryptography and AI, Omnisient already protects over 160 million consumer records in a vibrant data ecosystem comprised of over 80 leading banks, retailers, healthcare providers, and insurance companies.

In addition, within the world of retail media and digital advertising, first-party data has surged in importance as the world braces for the disappearance of third-party cookies.  The need for businesses to collaborate and share data with select partners has become critical to retail media partnerships.  Omnisient’s platform creates the perfect environment for retailer’s media businesses to deliver insights and advertising campaigns to the financial services industry.

The  partnership enables id8 360 to offer Omnisient’s platform internationally, supporting their mission to maximize the value of customer data for retailers, banks and other partners.


Expanding Global Footprint 

This agreement marks another  significant step in the expansion of Omnisient’s global footprint by  leveraging id8 360’s extensive retail and banking network.  “Our partnership with id8 360 is a testament to Omnisient’s growing influence in the global retail and financial services market,” said Jon Jacobson, CEO of Omnisient. “By joining forces with id8 360, we are further accelerating our international growth.”

“The synergy between Omnisient and id8 360 will empower our network of retailers and banks to safely unlock the value hidden within their customer data. By incorporating Omnisient’s technology, we are not only enhancing our data-driven retail business but also ensuring our clients can navigate the complex landscape of data privacy with ease,” said Peter Gleason, CEO of id8 360.


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About Omnisient

Data collaboration enables world changing opportunities for businesses and communities. One of the world changing opportunities is growing financial inclusion for millions around the world.

To take advantage of this opportunity, Financial Services providers urgently need good quality consumer data. However, they are restricted by tightening privacy regulations, risk of data breach, risk of IP leakage and depreciating value of data, and lengthy times to negotiate and access new data.

Enter Omnisient. Omnisient is the award-winning privacy preserving data collaboration platform that is enabling financial services businesses to securely access high-value consumer data ecosystems in a regulatory compliant manner using advanced Cryptography and AI.

Omnisient is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer Community, a TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200 participant, a member of the United Nations Privacy Enhancing Technologies committee, and a Fast Company “Next Big Things in Tech” startup, among other accolades.

Established in 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa, Omnisient protects over 160 million consumer profiles for over 80 large businesses.

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About id8 360 Group

id8 360 Group enables companies to use their data more effectively to solve complex business challenges and deliver growth.  The id8 360 Group brings together a unique blend of skills across banking, retail, FMCG/CPG, loyalty, data, digital technology, strategy & innovation. Through its id8 retail subsidiary, id8 360  works with retailers to maximize the value of their customer data to drive increased sales and profitability through Next Generation loyalty, customer-centered category management as well as data & retail media monetization.

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About the Author

Julian Diaz is Omnisient’s CMO. Julian is a B2B tech marketer for start-ups with over 20 years of experience marketing in USA, UK, Europe and South Africa.