Our Core Values

We envision a brighter future, harnessing our collective values to cultivate ethical innovation and develop privacy technologies with profound societal benefits.

Exceed Client Expectations

Our clients’ belief, reliance, and trust in us inspire us. Their positive word-of-mouth and continued investment fuel our growth. So, we work hard at ensuring a great client experience and exceeding client expectations.

Focus on

We focus on outcomes and results, not on hours at work. We give our teams full flexibility to balance work-family-life-health on their terms – working where and when they want to meet their commitments to the business.

Values at Omnisient | Group photo of the team
Values at Omnisient | Quote from Founder Jon Jacobson

Love Your Work

Love the work that you do and take pride in what you produce. We believe in enjoying what we do and having fun while we’re at it, because the results will follow.

Take Ownership

Ownership creates a sense of accountability and responsibility that motivates us to do our very best, innovate, and take pride in our work.

Be Honest & Transparent

Transparency and honesty ensure we base our decisions on accurate information and create the necessary trust to build strong long-lasting relationships.

Be Fearless


We are confident in what we do, believe in what we do, and are therefore willing to take risks to achieve our goals.

Values at Omnisient | Photo of the founders
Values at Omnisient | Photo of team member

Be Respectful

Respect is fundamental to fostering a collaborative and productive working environment.

Leave Your Mark

Have an impact on the business and you will play your part in having an impact on the world.

Our Beliefs About Data Collaboration

Data Collaboration as a Catalyst

Harnessing data collaboration to unlock transformative opportunities for businesses and communities alike.

Uncompromising Privacy and Security

Unyielding commitment to secure and privacy-conscious consumer intelligence sharing.

Ethical Use of Intelligence

Navigating the future with intelligent, secure, and ethically grounded data technologies and practices.

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