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Omnisient awarded “Best Loyalty Data Agency/Vendor of the Year” at the South African Loyalty Awards event for its data collaboration platform that protects consumer privacy

Omnisient was awarded “Best Loyalty Data Agency/Vendor of the Year” at the South African Loyalty Awards event on 13 October for their platform’s ability to protect consumer privacy while allowing businesses to share consumer insights and deliver innovative loyalty and rewards programmes.

Over 60 leading African retailers, banks, insurance companies and healthcare providers use the platform to comply with GDPR and POPIA consumer protection regulations while sharing insights with partnering businesses.

The emergence of consumer privacy regulations across the globe has restricted the sharing of first-party consumer datasets – the information a company collects directly from its customers and owns – between businesses. In the past, this was done to evaluate Loyalty and Rewards partnerships.

Omnisient’s privacy-preserving data collaboration platform, however, applies military-grade cryptography to consumer information to anonymise consumers’ personally identifiable information. This way businesses can see the outcomes of the data but not the private data itself. This allows businesses to analyse datasets between each other while also complying with regulations.

“Our main purpose for launching the South African Loyalty Awards is to recognise loyalty excellence and showcase South Africa’s best programmes, loyalty innovations, data applications, agencies, vendors and loyalty/CRM campaigns,” says Amanda Cromhout, Founder of Truth Loyalty & CRM, and the judging chair and organiser of the SA Loyalty Awards.

“Omnisient’s award is recognition of the role they play in enabling Loyalty and Rewards teams to innovate by providing them with the capability to rapidly evaluate marketing partnerships, gain new insights and develop new offerings, while removing the challenges and risks of sharing consumer insights between businesses.”

Omnisient’s anonymised matching capability reveals the overlap of shared customers across multiple parties’ datasets and allows companies to analyse behavioural, preference, lifestyle and demographic information. They can then identify how they can collaborate on new rewards opportunities.

“The recognition that this award brings means so much to us, as it comes from some of the industry’s most respected thought leaders and puts us on par with innovators in the Loyalty and Rewards space such as Shoprite, Clicks, Capitec and FNB,” says Anton Grutzmacher, co-founder of Omnisient.

“Our key focus is to always protect consumer privacy, while enabling businesses to gain new insights about their customers beyond their own business, in order to enhance personalisation, make offerings more contextual, and improve the overall customer experience.”

The South African Loyalty Awards reward excellence, benchmarked against international standards and measurable results, as judged by a panel of local and international Loyalty and CRM professionals from South Africa and across the globe.

Read the full South African Loyalty Awards Winners Report 2022 here.

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