Extending shopper data monetization into the financial services industry

Innovative retailers have realized that opportunities for the monetization of their shopper data extends far beyond the traditional manufacturing brands and ad agencies. 

In particular there is a thirst for data in the financial services industry where credit, insurance and other product providers are struggling to assess and reach the millions of people that are outside of, or on the periphery of, their current models.

Retail loyalty and rewards programs are particularly useful for financial inclusion. Purchase behavior can be modeled for credit scoring, insurance risk and many other financial services.

For the retailer, this represents a huge, untapped revenue potential and the opportunity to provide their customers with access to financial services that they are currently excluded from.


Omnisient is unique in its ability to rapidly enable multiple data trading collaborations while ensuring protection of consumer privacy and hard won business IP.

Retailers are able to test partnerships and maximize the value of their data assets while maintaining complete control over who they trade with and what they share.

“With over 20 million loyalty customers we already had a sophisticated data monetization strategy for the manufacturer and marketing space.

With Omnisient we have quickly created new revenue streams from banks, credit bureaus, insurers and telcos”

A leading grocery retailer


“With Omnisient we’ve been able to link our database to different data sets in a privacy compliant manner to gain a more in-depth understanding of our customers and target people with similar profiles.”

…the knowledge we are getting from Omnisient is lowering our cost of sale and improving our conversion rates.”

A leading insurer  


We work with leading retailers and financial services institutions to bring them together to create new sources of revenue and grow financial inclusion while respecting consumer privacy.

If you’re a retailer interested in discovering how to generate revenue from your customer data in a privacy-compliant way, ask us about our Data Commercialization offering for retailers. We’ll help you find the value and the buyers for your 1st party customer data and set you up in a secure and compliant data collaboration and monetization environment quickly and easily.

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