Secure Data Exchange

Greater Clarity. Faster Insights. Safer Data.

Everything you need, in one place.

You want customer data to power data-driven strategies that deliver value to your customer and your business alike.

The challenges

  • Third and second party data is commoditised and increasingly regulated.
  • First party data is the most valuable data but sits across a variety of different businesses.
  • Data Privacy regulations (POPIA, GDPR, HIPAA) and major data breach scandals make consumers sensitive to their data rights and businesses nervous about data sharing, especially for Marketing.


Omnisient's secure data sharing platform enables business to share customer data without sharing Personal Information.


Our ground-breaking Anonymized Campaign Engine (ACE) solution connects brands with audiences and publishers unleashing the next generation of compliant targeted marketing.

  • Know your customers better.
  • Expand your base.
  • Find multiple audiences.
  • Remain compliant.
secure data exchange
secure data exchange

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