Omnisient Data Collaboration Platform Overview

Omnisient’s Privacy-Preserving Data Collaboration platform enables businesses to  collaborate on first-party data securely, quickly, and easily while remaining fully compliant with consumer data privacy regulations, in control of their IP and protected against the risk of data breach.

Omnisient transforms Personally Identifiable Information (PII) into irreversibly anonymised Crypto-Identities before behavioural and demographic data are uploaded into our secure and independent Safe-zone in the Cloud for analysis by collaborating businesses – eliminating privacy and breach risk as no PII leaves the data owner’s domain.

Read more below to understand our 3 step process for compliant and secure data collaboration.

How we create a Trust-by-Design and Privacy-Preserving environment for Data Collaboration in 3 steps

Step 1 for Privacy Preserving Data Collaboration

Data is anonymised on-premise using cryptography to create irreversible “Crypto-Identities” that are inter-operable to enable matching across data sets.

Step 2 in Privacy Preserving Data Collaboration

Anonymised and encrypted data sets are uploaded to Omnisient’s “Safe-Zone” – a neutral escrow-like environment – for analysis by both businesses.

Step 3 in Privacy Preserving Data Collaboration

Collaborating businesses are able to analyse the anonymised data, match anonymised profiles, and run predictive models risk free while maintaining full control and protection over their data and eliminating any risk of data breach.

Why use Omnisient for Data Collaboration?

Trust-by-Design Collaboration Environment

Omnisient creates a trust-by-design environment for data collaboration by using hashing cryptography that is impossible to reverse engineer.

This protects and anonymises any and all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) before transferring the data to a secure and independent “safe-zone” in the Cloud for manipulation and computation.

This enables businesses to collaborate on their first-party data securely, quickly, and easily while remaining fully compliant with consumer data privacy regulations, in control of their IP and protected against the risk of data breach.

Tried and tested

Approved by over 60 security teams
Over 60 Information Security teams at some of Africa’s largest banks, insurers, retailers,  and healthcare organisations have vetted and approved Omnisient’s proprietary Crypto-Identity cryptography technology for protecting data.

148 million consumer records protected

Over 148 million consumer records have been protected and anonymously linked for data collaboration and data monetisation using Omnisient’s Crypto-Identity hashing cryptography.

AI / Machine Learning

Build and train data models quickly using automated Machine Learning features to deliver deep insights that enable your businesses to lower credit risk, grow market share, find new audiences, and improve your customer experience.

We’ve collated some of the most common questions we get asked, coupled with useful answers to explain our secure Data Collaboration platform ans demonstrate why our solution is a significant change-agent in the B2B data exchange space.

What is the value of data collaboration?

A data exchange takes place when data is shared between various stakeholders. This collaboration of data gives businesses access to untapped data segments and gives much-needed in-depth knowledge of your audiences. Insights that can be used to strengthen your marketing campaigns, support data-driven decision-making, and guide direction on marketing and operational activities.

How does the platform work?

The company’s proprietary technology empowers organisations to partner (or collaborate) with other companies in overlaying shared, de-identified customer assets without disclosing personal information. This new concept of data virtualisation allows for organisations to enable business intelligence (BI) and analytics teams to unpack new insights and target new audiences while never physically sharing data.

What differentiates Omnisient from its competitors?
  • Proprietary software (United States Pat Appl No. 17/481,533) that anonymises and tokenises Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to protect personal privacy, whilst deriving greater insights into your target audiences.
  • Revolutionary technology: Omnisient has invented the Secure Compounded MatchingTM(SCM) Token process. SCMTM is designed to future-proof against cryptography advancements and protect Clients from potential data breaches, ensuring they continue to derive value from our Data Collaboration Platform, without fear of risk or regulatory non-compliance
  • Independent: we are not affiliated with any data owners or platform giants, and provide the critical separation between data-owners and the processing platform.
  • Fast and efficient: Omnisient’s platform quickly removes redundant data and highlights the information you need.
  • Meaningful clarity: derive deep insights into your target audiences and crystal-clear clarity on your customers’ interests and preferences.
  • High conversion, low cost and wastage: maximise revenue with data-driven decisions that target receptive segments, and prevent messaging irrelevant or ineffective audiences.
Who owns the software?

Omnisient’s proprietary platform was developed by a team of in-house data experts that include data scientists and engineers; and completely independent of any affiliation with data owners or platform giants.

[United States Pat Appl No. 17/481,533]

What industry sectors are currently partnering with Omnisient?

Omnisient’s technology is currently being used by leading financial institutions, retailers, rewards programmes and healthcare providers to drive deeper, more actionable customer insights that reinforce loyalty. Customers benefit from increasingly tailored products and offers while organisations benefit from improved engagement and retention.

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