The Platform Overview

Businesses need to use consumer data to power data-driven strategies that deliver value to both the customer and the organisation. But this presents some challenges:

  • First-party data is the most valuable but is usually siloed across internal divisions.
  • Second- and Third-party data enriches this value, but is commoditised and highly regulated.
  • Market sentiment: Consumers are sensitive to data rights, and businesses are nervous about data breach scandals and compliance with regulations like POPIA and GDPR.

Omnisient’s secure data collaboration platform provides a unique, compliant solution that enables the sharing of customer data without compromising Personal Information.

Scroll down to explore four conventional use cases, and how the Platform can solve specific business challenges.

“Software ate the world, turned it into data, and now it’s backed up and suffers from indigestion”.

B2B Data Collaboration Applications


Our ground-breaking Anonymized Campaign Engine (ACE) solution connects brands with audiences and publishers, unleashing the next generation of compliant-targeted marketing.

There are four applications, or conventional use cases, that businesses face:


Business need: explore the size of opportunity and synergy with a potential partner, without risk.

Solution: Omnisient’s platform eliminates two major risk factors – Consent and Breach Risks – to maximise insights.


Business need: understand the potential revenue streams that can be unlocked by monetizing our robust datasets.

Solution: Omnisient removes the challenges and risk issues of the past and streamlines the process from exploration to revenue-realisation.


Business need: data-exchange agreements with partners, sister companies or credit bureaus for commercial purposes

Solution: Our Data Collaboration Platform mitigates the risk of data breaches by never exposing personal information to another party.


Business need: gain competitive advantage through alternative data – but how best to identify, onboard and test the value of these potential datasets, without compromising personal privacy?

Solution: our Platform’s privacy-preserving infrastructure has been designed to solve all of these problems

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