Case Study

Uncovering Home Loan Disintermediation

Cross-Industry Collaboration: Banking and Real Estate


Determine if home loan originators were channelling home loans to competing banks and the extent of this disintermediation among the bank’s clients.


In the fiercely competitive world of home loans, there’s a rising sentiment among banks that home loan originators might be disintermediating them in the home buying process. A pioneering bank, a leading property search portal, and a home loan registration platform partnered to reveal the truth.

Each of the 3 businesses used Omnisient’s desktop application to anonymize and tokenize their customer datasets with Omnisient’s US patented Crypto-IDs before uploading to Omnisient’s secure and neutral “escrow-like” environment in the Cloud for overlapping and analysis:

  • Property Search Data: This data provided insights into the bank’s customers actively looking for homes, including their search parameters such as location and budget.
  • Home Loan Registration Data: A comprehensive record of home loans and their affiliated banks, highlighting where the bank’s customers ended up taking up their loans.
  • Bank’s Customer Data: The bank’s dataset was used to view which of their customers existed across the property portal and bond registration.

By overlapping these datasets, the bank could begin to understand its position in the market and validate its suspicion of home loan disintermediation by home loan originators.

Insights Revealed

Significant Disintermediation

It was discovered that 18% of the bank’s clients who were house hunting registered their home loans with rival banks.

Potential Revenue Leakage

Using standard interest rate and average home loan value computations, the data revealed a potential revenue loss of $ 450 million over two decades.


The Banks

The revelations offered a compelling argument for a more strategic partnership with the property portal. Engaging clients at the start of their home-buying journey could increase customer retention, mitigate the impacts of disintermediation, and create new revenue streams.

The Property Portal and Home Loan Originator

An increased inflow of users as the bank could now directly refer its customers to the property portal, as well as enhanced credibility and trust with both consumers and banks. Also, the potential for new strategic partnerships and deals with other financial institutions.

The Consumers

A more streamlined property search and home loan application process and potential access to better home loan deals and terms, thanks to the closer relationship between the bank and property portal.

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