Secure, compliant and transformative Data Collaboration.

We help businesses unlock the power of 1st party data collaboration without the risks.

Omnisient joins World Economic Forum community.

“Omnisient and its fellow pioneers are at the forefront of innovation and disruption needed to help us solve the world’s most pressing issues.”

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Fast Company Award logo

Omnisient wins Fast Company’s 2023 Next Big Things in Tech for Social Good

Omnisient has been recognized by Fast Company to be among the tech breakthroughs that promise to transform the future.

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160 million

consumer profiles anonymized and protected


organizations sharing and monetizing insights


months, on average, to achieve value

Data Monetization

Transform your consumer data from a liability to a revenue generating asset.

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Advertising & Media

Thrive in the post-cookie world with 1st party consumer data.

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Loyalty and Rewards

Collaborate with more partners to unlock more value for your customers.

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Credit Risk Scoring

Grow financial inclusion and increase revenue through innovative alternative data partners.

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Insurance Risk

Enhance underwriting accuracy and maximize profitability with alternative data sources.

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The Process

Explore our 5 step privacy-preserving data collaboration process below that ensures consumer privacy and company IP are never at risk.

Use our Desktop app to Anonymize Data Locally

Each participating party uses our desktop application to anonymize, tokenize, and protect all personally identifiable information in their consumer data set within their own local environment

The process generates US patented Crypto-IDs for each anonymized consumer profile locally to enable matching of mutual consumers across multiple data sets in our secure and neutral Cloud environment.

Securely Upload your Data

Omnisient further protects your anonymized dataset by applying advanced cryptography during the upload process to render it impossible for a 3rd party to re-identify your consumer data even in the case of a brute-force attack.

Overlap and Analyze Data in our secure and neutral Cloud enviroment

Overlay your anonymized data set with data sets from your data collaboration partners to view the overlap in mutual consumers and use filtering to draw impactful insights.

You maintain full control at all times of what data is shared with whom and for which use cases.