We're Serious About Keeping Data Private

Data sharing creates tremendous value for businesses and consumers alike, and for this reason we created a secure data exchange platform that ensures companies can protect personal information and intellectual property while sharing data internally or externally.

jon jacobson

Jon Jacobson

Co-Founder, Chief Executive & Technical Officer


Anton Grutzmacher

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Our Story & Vision


We began as three guys with a passion for data, technology and growth. By using our complementary skills and many years of experience we created a solution that enables businesses to share data with each other, without ever exposing their customers personal information in the process.  We always try and make “too good to be true” a reality.



We believe in the democratization of data and the broader participation of businesses in the use and sharing of data. Driving growth in business through data shouldn't be the privilege of the exclusive few who often abuse this power. We believe that the liberation of data - connecting data producers to data users directly - will create tremendous value for business and consumers alike. We also believe that data privacy is central to creating a sustainable future for the data economy.


Omnisient's goal is to be the trusted technology behind all major commercial data collaborations

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